Meet Naomi one of my first amazing UK superstars! #110

Naomi looking fabulous after #noexcuses

“I’m 40yrs old and live with my 2 year old son and partner Mark in South London. Although I have attempted ‘diets’ before I have never managed to stay on track for more than a few weeks at a time which previously was enough to drop a couple of kilos and bring me back to a comfortable weight. I have probably always used words like ‘chubby’ and ‘curvey’ to describe myself, accepting that a weight a few kilos above my healthy BMI range was normal for me.
After the birth of my son I piled on more weight and three months after he was born I tipped the scales at 82kg which at just 5 foot 3 inches made me obese according to my BMI and I felt it. Over the next year I dropped 10kg but was stuck in the lower 70s and by January 2017 my weight was sneaking back up and the turning point for me was the mortification of splitting the backside in two new pairs of jeans. By the second pair I realised it was probably me not the jeans which were to blame, as I was trying to squeeze into a size (or 2) smaller than I was! Either I was going to have to start buying bigger clothes or do something about it.
As a vegetarian of 28 years I was looking through Kim Beach success stories coming up on my Facebook feed and seeing that there was a vegan plan I was immediately interested that this could be something I could follow and adapt which I had not come across before. I must say though that if I had realised I was amongst the first women to start the vegan program I may not have signed up but I’m so happy I did.

Before and After #noexcusesvegan

To cut a long story short, I loved love the programme. I lost 8kg in the round of the program and 3kg in the second so have gone from 74.3kg to 63.3kg. Now I am sitting between 62.5kg and 63kg and hoping to be able to maintain at this weight and probably for the first time in my adult life am in my healthy BMI range. I lost 5 inches from my waist and 6 from my bum/hips. I now consider myself vegan and knew within a few weeks of starting that this would be a permanent change for me.
I have adapted the fitness aspects to suit my life, which basically now consists of 2 weight sessions at home plus three 90 min yoga classes, plus averaging 4-5 miles of walking per day due to my job and not having a car. I occasionally do a HIIT session but not as often as I should. The weights have been a revelation and I look forward to them as part of my week and yoga is something I’ve done regularly for ten years. In the second 8 weeks food wise I very much adapted the meal plans to what myself and my partner enjoyed for meal 5 and what fitted easily around work for the other 4 meals but sticking to the right number meal at the right time.
I think now having finished the second round I’m fully embracing the 80/20 mentality but am fundamentally sticking with this way of eating, but also enjoying going out and experimenting a bit more with vegan cooking. I turned 40 during the programme and am getting married at the end of September and I’m so happy to say that I feel the most confident in my body that I ever have done in my adult life. People who I hardly know from the gym and at work have come up to me to ask what my secret is.
 Throughout both rounds but particularly the first I found the Facebook support group incredibly helpful, not only in answering specific questions, but in continually motivating me (through others posts, struggles and successes) and making me feel part of something.  I love that I have not once had to count calories as I personally think that can have a negative effect emotionally, potentially becoming a bit obsessional and distracts from positive nutrition.
Thank you Kim Beach for designing something that I as a vegetarian could fully embrace, for opening my eyes to weight training and for enabling my transition to a vegan life 🙂 I would wholeheartedly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to make a positive healthy change for themselves. “

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