Mandy’s breathtaking #noexcuses results! #124

My story is all a very normal story. I was always a very skinny kid and teenager and could eat the house down without putting on weight. As the pace of life slows down with age the kilos quietly sneak on over time. I had my first and only child very late at 44 and subsequently put on a lot of weight after that. I am now 49 years old.

I still actively compete in showjumping and my weight was affecting my riding as I was stiffer and slower and much more top heavy than I had ever been before, but I also happened to own to of the nicest young horses I had ever owned. I was not riding them well enough as a result and they deserved better and so did I.

A photo of me at the NZ Show Jumping Series Final dinner really horrified me and I made a grand statement on Facebook that I was going to lose 15kg by the start of the next showjumping season. I could see many of my friends rolling their eyes thinking yeah right!!! I weighed in at 80kg the day after the show, the heaviest I had ever been. I slowly lost about 1.5kg over the next month on my own which was high risk of being put back on, and decided I really needed to up my game.

I had seen the Kim Beach posts continually coming up on Facebook but dismissed them as yet another dieting gimmick. Finally I thought what have I got to lose, I have wasted infinitely more money on lots of other things, worst case scenario I was going to pay my $100 and it would be just like all the other fad diets, without success.

How amazing does Mandy look today!

But… WOW! So lucky for me that is so not true. I downloaded the Food and Exercise Plan and would have to admit to being a touch daunted, but thought I would give it a go. In spite of the programme telling you not to weight yourself for 4 weeks I couldn’t help myself but it became very motivating as nearly every day the numbers on the scales went down. On top of that I felt so much better, the reflux that would stop me sleeping was gone, I felt revitalised. It’s amazing how many people report that when they go ‘off plan’ how bad they feel and it’s true! Amazing that food can make you feel so bad. REALLY!

Being the meal planner in the house I found it a bonus that the evening meal was planned for me. I used the chosen protein and created a meal around it, adding carbs for the rest of the family. I never thought I would follow such a structured food plan but it actually makes life simpler, because you don’t have to think about food.

I didn’t expect that I would use the Facebook page much prior to starting but within the first 24 hours I was hooked, there was success story after success story. That many people couldn’t be wrong. It was also a great place to find support, and have questioned answered, with so many kindred spirits. Pretty much everyone is on the same boat.

I also love that the programme doesn’t cut out any food group. There are carbs, fats and proteins so I haven’t craved for anything. I am lucky I am not a natural sweet tooth, I just love food! I have always said cheese is my chocolate, but even with the KB No Excuses programme there was enough dairy to satisfy this. I have tried low carb diets in the past but find that within days I’m desperately craving them and then as a result over eat.

I have had weeks away from home since starting the KB No Excuses staying with friends for work, or in hotels and at that time have just tried to stick to the principals as best I can without getting bent out of shape about it. As a result I have at least maintained my weight, where normally I would  have found some of the lost kilos and had to start again.

When I first started I marked on my calendar when the first 8 weeks, and then the 2nd 8 weeks would be up. This would be the day I would ‘return to normal’. However as time goes on and I have learnt the principals, I have also learnt that this is the new normal. So far I have lost 11kg and will stay here to get rid of the last 4 before swapping to KB Life.

My friends and family have been astonished at how fast I have lost the weight and repeatedly tell me how great I am looking. My husband loves telling people he thought his arms were getting longer!

My wardrobe has increased dramatically without even going shopping, so many clothes I have stored away for the day I lost weight and might fit them again, and that day has arrived!! It is so good to have multiple options that look great instead of having a large body oozing out of them!! Awesome.

I would absolutely 100% recommend the Kim Beach programmes to anyone who who is motivated to improve their lives and well being. It’s great. And my goodness am I so pleased that it kept turning up in my face on Facebook, enough to motivate me to try it. Feeling GREAT!


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Kim x