Check out Maysa’s very ‘real’ 7kg #noexcuses story #115

“Hi Kim,

A friend from high school Dina joined and I saw how well she did on Facebook, so I contacted her and she raved about the program. I am 42 years young and a mother of 3 monkeys an 8, 6 and 3 years old, so hardly did anything for myself. I joined in September last year as I had enough of being “overweight” where my 6 year old would ask me if I had a baby in my big belly?? So I decided to purchase the “No Excuses” program and absolutely loved it. At first it was an information overload but once you understood the program and prepped all your food either Saturday or Sunday of each week you were set to succeed the week ahead. The food is delicious and so easy to prepare and so filling (I must say). I do love being in the kitchen however if you don’t the recipes are simple and easy to prepare. With that I purchased the home exercise program and loved it, it was so simple to follow.

Before #noexcuses

I do love having a beer or two on the weekends, however as Kim says to get the best results I gave up alcohol during the program. During this time we also celebrated my husband’s 40th and my daughters 8th birthday and you need to just accept and celebrate and move on to the next day. I had one drink (vodka,lime,soda) for hubby’s birthday and a bite size piece of my homemade birthday cake for my daughters day and then continued on the program. Life happens and I do believe we need to enjoy it.

I found the most important part of the program was the private Facebook page, this is the best tool to keep you motivated and to also make you feel “normal” as there are so many other women/mothers who are also at the same stage as you and I loved that I did make new friends on there. Rebecca, Karen, Fiona & Melissa, love you girls!! It was so nice to wake up each morning and read posts from my Kim Beach family! The Beachfit ladies were amazing, so caring & so honest with all their responses to your questions! They also have a bit of fun too.

Maysa looking fab at my VIP luncheon in June

After finishing no excuses program twice, I have purchased the #noexcuseslife program and will start that soon.

Overall I achieved a 7kg result and I feel amazing! I never thought I could stick to a program for more than a week, but this program is so real and so simple to follow AND IT WORKS!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Beachfit ladies and Kim!

Kim you truly have a gift and I thank you with all my heart.


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Kim x