Meet the gorgeous Sara, looking fab & saying goodbye to 8kg with #noexcuses #102

“My story is probably not unlike many other women my age. I am a busy mum, working fulltime and trying to juggle several hats at any one time. I feel like I have been on one form of diet or another my entire adult life. I have tried anything and everything, you name the ‘diet’ and I have probably tried it. I have ‘struggled’ all my life with feeling comfortable in my own skin, resulting in yoyo dieting. I bounced back and forth between a size 10/12-14. I had my ‘go to’ diet, counting points/calories and when I became unhappy I’d try something new. All of them worked for a period of time but long term none were maintainable and really resulted in an ‘all or nothing’ diet mentality, which really just perpetuated years of yoyo dieting. I have always been one of those girls who had to work; damn hard to get results and to loose the smallest amount of weight, in my mind I only wanted to loose and maintain that allusive 5kgs.

As my work commitments increased over the last few I managed to go to the gym less and less and eventually not at all; exercise was limited to the odd run each week. I began to blame lack of exercise for my slow weight increase and felt like I had to settle and come to terms with the fact that this was me.

Sara before #noexcuses

With my 40th birthday looming, I became determined I would not face my celebrations feeling unhappy in my own skin and so yet again I was going to ‘start’ over. It was my husband who said “enough, try something different”.

It was around the same time that a Kim Beach live feed came across my facebook page. Whilst watching it intently, I asked Kim a couple of question and my cousin who was watching it online too, almost immediately contacted me and asked if I had done #noexcuses. With that begun a conversation, recommendations and results from my cousin that I could not ignore. My decision was also influenced by the notion that 80% of my results would be affected directly by what I ate and 20% exercise. I requested a ‘sample’ and signed up for #noexcuses.

I promised myself I would follow the food element as close as I could, knowing and hoping that I would be able to maintain that. I also didn’t want to kid myself about the amount of exercise I would ‘suddenly’ find time to do. I was determined to increase my exercise but not dwell on what I couldn’t do, but rather what I did do well. Throughout the program Kim and the ladies in the support groups reiterate the notion of ‘aim for consistency not perfection’.

Sara looking fabulous at my June VIP Luncheon

I didn’t find it hard to get into a rhythm with my food and felt like the program was a breath of fresh air, I wasn’t counting calories, I was eating clean, whole food and lots of it. I was genuinely enjoying being on the program. I was full and satisfied and my cravings for sweet things diminished; impressive for the ‘biggest sweet tooth’ EVER! The obvious weight loss I was achieving was certainly also helping with motivation and consistency.

I was and still am absolutely astonished at my results. The weeks went faster than I thought and my results were better than I could have ever imagined! I initially lost 6.5kg and 31cm over all, I was smaller than I could ever remember. I went on and did #noexcuseslife and said goodbye a further 2kgs.

I have maintained my 8.5kg weight loss following the principles that I have learnt. This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself, it has been a life changing program and for that I will be ever so grateful for the support from Kim and her gorgeous Beachfit ladies. This is something I will continue to do and would highly recommend it to other ladies like myself.”

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Kim x