Marienne’s incredible 14kg results #108

“After discovering Kim Beach over a year ago and successfully loosing 14 kilos over the course of 3 rounds I find myself today very grateful for this new lease on life that this journey has brought me.
Like every woman we get so caught up with being a mum, wife, friend, carer, worker and generally our needs are the last thing on our mind. Life moves on and for me whilst I was happy I didn’t feel comfortable with the surprise kilos that slowly crept on over the years. After truly seeing myself in the mirror one morning I was shocked at how my curves (that I love) where just too curvy and now unhealthy!

Marienne looking fabulous with her family

Kim Beach kept popping up on my FB page and I took the plunge! What a sensational program. At first it was a little overwhelming with all the food prep and understanding the principles but it is called noexcuses for a reason- I embraced it and made no excuse! Not only was the program detailed and very easy to follow but practical as well. I ate to energise and nourish my body and exercise became enjoyable again.

Marienne at my VIP Luncheon in June

What sets this program apart from any other that I have tried in the past is the women who you take this journey with- Kim and her amazing team and the women who have your back on the closed fb page – supporting you and cheering you all the way. My mindset changed and when you slipped up ( and you do it is only human) you knew that it was ok and you just got on with it. No excuses.
More than a year down the track the weight has stayed off as I now eat according to the principles and still manage to live life to to the fullest. I socialise, travel and enjoy everything to the fullest. I challenge myself with things I never imaged that I would be able to physically do. People still see me and comment on how much weight I have lost. It is reaffirming and gratifying to know all my efforts are noticed and applauded!

Marienne before and after – 14kg lighter!

This June I turn 50 and I know that I feel the best I have in a long time thanks to this great program and Kim Beach and her team and above all the amazing women who stand beside you on this journey.

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Kim x