Aly’s simply stunning #noexcuses results #90

“Late last year I found myself on the scales staring at a VERY scary number – I had reached a whopping 103kgs. That number made me feel beyond depressed, shocked and disgusted in myself. How had I let myself get like this? Why had I not been looking after myself. Well the usual excuses came to mind…. I’ve always put everyone else in front of my own needs: I don’t have time: I can’t afford a gym membership: I’m too fat and unfit to even start…. The list of excuses goes on!

Well, after talking with 2 of my colleagues, we all decided to join up for Kim’s ‘no excuses’ program which, by name itself, I connected with immediately. No more excuses for me!

Aly before (in white)

So I began the 8 week journey and, within days felt a change in myself. A few weeks into the program, still struggling with the exercise part of the program, I noticed that I hadn’t needed my asthma medication for over a week and my acid reflux had gone. This was just the beginning. The weight started to come off and people started noticing and commenting on how amazing I was looking. This gave me the added boost I needed to keep on going as I was notorious for not finishing things.

Having just completed my 2nd 8 week ‘no excuses’ journey, I am completely like a new person. I’ve kicked 25kg to the curb and I feel the healthiest version of myself EVER. I’ve made time in the day for exercise almost every day and I only have to take my asthma medication once every week or 2 – I’ve honestly lost track!

As an added bonus, the ladies and I who completed this program together are inspiring more people at our work and I believe a few have even signed up for Kim’s programs!

Before and After Aly’s Incredible journey!

I never in a million years expected to be a healthy inspiration – but I am. I’ve just started my 3rd round of the ‘no excuses’ program and I’m feeling fantastic but none of it really sunk in – even all the comments and compliments – until my daughter took a ‘selfie’ while we out at the beach fishing. I just can’t stop looking at that photo – I can’t believe it’s actually me in the picture! I’ve transformed from a size 18-20 down to a very comfortable 12 –  which still blows my mind! I recently went shopping with my daughter and she had me try on a gorgeous jacket in size 12. To my absolute shock… it fit beautifully. I almost cried (happy tears) as I haven’t been a size 12 since I was in my early 30’s. (I’m now almost 46). And yes, I did buy that jacket!

For anyone even contemplating this program… go for it! Commit to it… commit to loving yourself again and you will never look back! My journey with Kim’s programs and philosophy’s will continue for the remainder of my life now and I can’t thank Kim and the Beachfit team enough for their ongoing support, encouragement and inspiration.


Aly, your story is amazing and it was so lovely to meet you in Sydney. Congratulations on everything you have achieved, you deserve it all!

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my programs will definitely help you achieve your goals!   Click here to read all about my programs  and please email my team and I on   info[email protected]  if you have any questions at all.

Kim x