Natasha’s inspiring and moving KB Journey! #80

“When I did my first round of Kim’s Program I had fantastic results. Like a lot of people I’d felt like I tried everything but the weight just wasn’t shifting. Low cal, low fat, carb free…I’d given them all a go. Just before my first round, I’d seen my GP and mentioned my weight loss issues. The program had really helped with my weight and my GP was delighted, but I was still referred to an endocrinologist to follow up. 

A few months later, one magical evening, my now husband proposed! My first thought, I need another round of Kim Beach!

But life had other plans for me…I had that follow up with the endocrinologist and the news wasn’t good. I had some scans which then lead to biopsies and the result being I had a serious thyroid condition, which they suspected had turned cancerous and needed surgery. Your thyroid runs your metabolism, it’s a really powerful little gland and if it’s misbehaving, weight loss will be nearly impossible. So, if you need proof the program works, I’m it! 

I had the surgery and it wasn’t an easy recovery. Dealing with a cancer diagnosis, medication and trying to heal. Then, because we didn’t have enough on our plates already, we moved from Sydney to Singapore and chose to get married in Sri Lanka.

Arriving in Singapore, I didn’t know anybody and rejoining Kim Beach honestly is what kept me going. I felt like I had my  buddies and it helped so much. I was planning my wedding, so needed to travel back and forth to Sri Lanka and the program travelled with me! I had to adapt my exercises while I was healing and the support I got was just incredible. 

I even had the pleasure of Kim joining me for meal 4 one day! It was such an incredible experience and I learnt so much from lovely Kim. 

Our wedding was originally my end goal, but I just began to feel so much better. My energy improved and I started to make friends with my body again. Along with this came more confidence, I was so happy heading out to meet new friends and not feeling so self conscious.  

As the program went on, my wedding dress needed more and more alterations, so even if the scales hadn’t moved that week, my dress told me otherwise. I was so happy and confident on our big day. I wore a saree for the ceremony, then later changed into my dress, I felt amazing! 

I thanked Kim in my speech because without the support of her program, I honestly would not have got through those last 6 months. 

I lost 10kg in total, but I gained so much more; confidence, motivation and better health. If you’re reading this and thinking about trying the program- do it. Don’t compare it, don’t question it- it’s honestly the best investment you can make! 

Thanks so much Kim and your incredible team Xxx”

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you Natasha! I am so proud of you for achieving amazing results and pushing through. You looked stunning on your wedding day – Congratulations.

Kim x

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Kim x