I just love Rebecca’s journey & her amazing achievements! #82

“Dear Kim and the Beachfit team

I have made it to the end of my #nolimits journey! It has been challenging and rewarding and I am so happy with the results I have achieved thanks to your wonderful program, the support of the Beachfit team, and all of the wonderful ladies in the Facebook group. 

My weight has always been an issue and it has yo yo’d for many years. I’ve been on all the diets and managed to lose weight, but then for one reason or another the weight starts to creep back on again.

In August 2016, after a particularly difficult year in which my family lost our beloved mum, I was really unhappy with my weight. I came across your #noexcuses program and I liked the look of both the meal plan and the exercise plan so decided to take the plunge. Despite not rigorously sticking to the plan I lost around one and half dress sizes and my fitness and energy levels returned. People also noticed the change and commented on how fit and well I looked. I loved the food plan and continued to  stick to it after I’d completed the 8 weeks. 

I have always wanted to build muscle, but my love of cardio and lack of love for weight training has meant that I have never achieved muscle definition. So I decided to try #nolimits to see if I could make a difference. I started the #nolimits home program in January 2017.

Those first few weeks were awesome and tough. I found weight training very challenging and some days I really had to push myself but I was determined to give it my best shot. Fitting 6 days of exercise in was difficult at times but I managed it even if it meant getting up early before work. Food prep was key. I am not fond of cooking or being in the kitchen but the meals were easy to make. It just took a bit of prep time at the beginning of each week. Having a plan was great – no thinking required!

Rebecca’s before and after

During the program I only missed 2 weight sessions and one cardio session. My food was spot on for the first 4 weeks – sticking to plan about 90% with the odd treat here and there. The last 4 weeks I veered more off course, sticking to the food plan about 75% of the time. Consistency was the key – if I had one meal off plan I’d just keep going with the next meal on plan. I didn’t worry about not being perfect. I knew this was a lifestyle change not just an race and I wanted to be able to fit it into my life and still enjoy being social.

I had times of great energy when I thought I could achieve anything and times when I had to really push myself to keep going. When the going got tough I focused on the  positive changes I was making, feeling and seeing to  fight the demon in my head that was telling me that my body just wasn’t capable of building muscle. I trusted in the program and took motivation from watching the successes others had. I took strength from all of the amazing women in the Facebook group and I loved  providing encouragement and support to others. 

I don’t weigh or measure myself as I find that hinders rather than helps me. Instead I measure my progress by dress size and how I feel. I found I ended up losing a couple of dress sizes and fitted back into clothes I hadn’t been able to wear for years. I also got a lot of compliments which kept me going. It’s great when people notice your changes when you are putting in so much work. 

I also took some before photos at the start of the program.  When I compared the before photos with the photos I took in the last week I was genuinely shocked at my progress!

The board shorts picture below was a favourite prior to the program, now I have to hold them up or they fall off. 

After some hesitation and encouragement I posted my before and after photos on the Facebook page. I wanted to provide motivation for others who were at the start of their journey or struggling to stay on track. I was overwhelmed with the response. The photos are real – no photo shop, no make-up, no posing. Just post workout shots captured quickly on my phone in my hallway and bathroom mirrors!

This isn’t the end of my Kim Beach journey. I am starting Round 2 of #nolimits and looking forward to what I can achieve next. I am loving feeling strong and fit, my goal is to rock swimwear by my 40th birthday later this year.

Rebecca looking totally fab at my Melbourne book launch this year

I wanted to thank you for a fantastic program that really works. I love everything about the program – from the easy to follow food plan to the easy to follow training plan. All mapped out for every single day of the program. I also wanted to thank the Beachfit ladies for all of their support and encouragement. They are always there to answer questions and provide feedback and cheer everyone on. And finally, my thanks to the wonderful women in the private Facebook group who are always there with support, to provide encouragement, share their struggles and generally connect with others who are on the same journey. The comprehensive plan and the support in the Facebook group really make this program stand out from the crowd. 

I am definitely a Kim Beach convert for life!

Thanks Kim and team.


Amazing Rebecca! I love that you have embraced this new lifestyle change and taken everything on board. You look fabulous and have absolutely smashed your goals!!

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Kim x