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Jade proves it’s all about consistency, not perfection! #75

Jade with her family after completing the long distance Triathlon Pink!

“After following the Kim Beach community page for over a year and reading about the wonderful and successful results people were achieving I decided it was my time to give it a turn. After having my second baby in May, I was determined to get myself back to enjoying some things that I loved, being fit, active and healthy. I wanted to get on top of my health and fitness before returning to work so that I didn’t feel like it was all too hard and end up putting myself last and feeling unhappy, It was easier said than done. My sugar cravings were ridiculous and I felt I had zero control over them. I finally bit the bullet and signed up for no excuses. My goals for the program weren’t based around weight loss but more about putting sometime into ME, and feeling like i could achieve something and get some control over my cravings.

Jade Before and After #noexcuses

I signed up and didn’t stew on anything I got started the very next day. I must admit I wondered how effective an online support group would be, no face to face contact, nobody actually knows you and if you’re doing the program. But how wrong I was, the support, advice, inspiration and motivation was just incredible! The beach fit ladies are so encouraging and understanding. Sharing words of wisdom to help overcome each and every obstacle. And everyone else on their no excuses journey were unbelievably motivating and inspiring. It wasn’t just another online group but more like a family, sharing each others obstacles and triumphs along the way. The program itself was so easy to follow, so much variety and various meal options meant there was something for all. Some days were hard and there were definitely times when I lost my way and old habits crept back in. But some wonderful advice and my now favourite quote helped me get through and back on my noexcuses journey. ‘Don’t strive for perfection, consistency is key’

Jade before and After #noexcuses

I was over the moon with my results and so proud of what I had achieved. Although the dreaded scales didn’t show much weight loss my body had transformed. It was all in the photos and measurements. I lost 3.2kg, a total of 32.3cm and transformed my body into the strong healthy body I wanted to achieve. I have never loved my legs but now I’m happy with them and loving my whole body. I achieved my goals, I have control over my sugar craving and although the craving still creep in from time to time they haven’t over take. What I am most proud of is that in week 2 of the program i decided I wanted to participate in a triathlon before the end of the year. Thanks to no excuses I was able to build up my fitness and complete the long distance in the Triathlon Pink, doing better than i ever imagined.

I have and will continue to recommend this program to family and friends. It’s not just another diet, it’s a lifestyle.

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I am so proud of your results Jade! You have proved how the scales don’t show real results. You look amazing!

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