See how Judy said goodbye to 28kg and smashed her goals at 55! #71

Judy at my Beach Fit book launch in March, 28kg lighter!

“Kim Beach has completely changed my life.

I’ve been overweight most of my life – constant yoyoing, losing a few kilos here, putting that and more on each time.  Each time I’ve put on what I lost and more. So after another pathetic attempt to exercise and diet in June this year I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and looked at myself. I felt disgusting – bloated, windy, aching stomach, going to bed most nights with a distended stomach looking like I was 9+ months pregnant. I was booked into see a gastroenterologist in the hope of fixing my “problems” I was embarrassed at how I looked, my eyes were piggy, I was wearing elastic clothes kidding myself I was still a size 16. I felt a sense of panic and thought to myself – what am I going to do?

Meanwhile my best friend of over 40 years pushed me into going to her personal trainer. So after putting off my friend for a few weeks, she got the PT to ring me and offer me a free session. So I went. She had just done #noexcuses# and lost 7 kilos and she raved about the program. I started listening to Kim’s live Q and A on Facebook which I loved, started asking questions.  I had a look at the meal plan as I had tried SO many things over the years then seeing how good it was I started on the program thinking “I can do this”. I joined up for the support thinking at first that I’m not really into that sort of thing – how wrong I was. The support is fantastic, so good to chat to and read stories of exact like minded people – I’d think “hey that’s how I think”!! It was so great to feel you’re not alone and the biggest and best thing I got from the support group was if you stuff up just move on, put it behind you, don’t think “oh well I’ve blown it now for the whole day/week by having a meal I shouldn’t have’ etc. Having the Beachfit girls too was amazing with their help and suggestions and support.

Judy before and after 3 rounds of #noexcuses

As we all know you need that switch in your brain to turn on to losing weight and finding the right thing that works for you.  I started following Kim’s program and quickly loved it. It was fantastic to have the exercise programs each day as well to inspire me as at first it can be hard to work out what to do as far as exercise goes. I started slowly but was surprised at how much I loved the daily exercise plan and the daily inspirational quote.

After a while I started sticking to the things I loved the most – I’m very lucky to have a husband who is a fantastic cook and very supportive so soon the whole family (my adult children and son in law live with us) was ‘Kim Beaching’ and Andrew made sure there was always plenty of supplies to cook and eat for meals and snacks.

Before I knew it I’d completed round 1 and had lost 7.5kilos.  8 weeks and it wasn’t even hard. Round 2 I was happy to be back having rye bread. I found the carb cycling difficult for the last 2 weeks of the program but was so positive that this was working. I knew it would and it did.  More weight came off.

I was now in a routine of exercise and loving it. I walk (40 mins) Monday and Thursday,  Gym (Tuesday and Friday) and Claire (my PT) Wednesdays which I love.  On Saturdays I go on a big long walk usually with one of my fit girlfriends – in the last school holidays I went on some huge walks all around Sydney and just loved it. The spit to Manly walk that not long ago I had struggled to do was now so much easier and so much more enjoyable.

Judy and her girlfriends training together

I also set goals and gave myself treats. My 10 kilo treat was a new skirt from Country road (now getting on the big side) my 15 kilo treat was a new dress – I’ve just hit 20 but haven’t decided what I’ll do for that yet (nice problem to have).

I have my timeline up in my office- they are realistic for once, giving myself time to get to the goals and if I exceed them I’m happy.  I have exceeded each one. My last one was 18 kilos by a girl’s weekend 2 weeks ago – and I did it!!!!!!!!!

I have done the #noexcuses program 3 times so far back to back.  I still would like to lose about another 16 kilos so a total of 36. I know the program so well now that I know now what I can and can’t have during the day but I still love to be able to look it up for meal plans if I feel the need.  I try not to dwell on how much weight I have to still lose as I am so focused and determined to do this. I know it’s going to be a while and I accept that.  I follow the Beachfit community on Facebook and know that support is always there.  If I feel I need inspiration and help I will rejoin the closed group.

My big goal is our trip Italy next April to celebrate my 30th Wedding Anniversary with my husband.

Thanks to #noexcuses my whole life has changed.  My mindset has changed totally and completely. I am a completely different person and I love the person that I am becoming.  I am more confident with work and just general confidence. I am getting fitter, I can get in and out of the bath so much easier, I can bend down and plug the iron into the a low down power point. I can do burpees and skip. I can move so much better, I have a spring in my step, I love the fact that my fat clothes need to go in the bin,  I am so much happier and I feel positive about life, I feel anything is possible, I am inspiring my overweight friends, my skin is looking great,  I am so proud of myself.  The sense of achievement when I run up the steps in the Botanic Gardens is one I never thought I’d have.  My husband, children and friends, my mum, my sister – they’re all so proud of me and it’s so nice to be told how good I’m looking. And it’s just going to get better and better.

My final goal is within reach (still a long way but I can see it). I’m under 100 kilos for the first time since I can remember. The difference is that I know this time I can do it. I have no doubt in the world.  I know this is for life. I don’t feel in a rush, If I lose only 300 grams in a week I don’t panic – It’s so different to any other time and so often I think to myself.

Now March 2017, I have lost a total of 28kg! Thank God I found Kim Beach!!”

Thank you so much for sharing your story Judy! Consistency really pays off and you have proved it. I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings you!

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Kim x