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See how Holly lost 8.4kg but gained so much more with #noexcuses! #70

Holly feeling fab after #noexcuses

“My story begins like many others, maybe even yours? … Years of losing weight, gaining weight, constantly thinking, worrying and obsessing about “my weight”.

When I turned 40 I decided it was time to really change that soul destroying pattern!

Due to a bout of home sickness I had “eaten” my emotions and put on 10kgs in a matter of weeks. I managed to lose those 10kgs on my own through eating better and exercise… but I noticed after about 8 months I was letting some of those previous “bad habits” slip back in. I needed new ways, new ideas and new habits.  I came across the Kim Beach Community on Facebook and decided the Kim Beach #noexcuses program ticked the boxes for me.

Holly before #noexcuses

I wanted to learn new eating habits that would serve me better… habits I could easily manage and ones that would lead to a healthy well being. I wanted a program that used “real” accessible food and was maintainable for the long haul, a program that could become my every day, normal “way of being”.

I signed up to the Kim Beach noexcuses program the morning after a night at a restaurant, where I ate 3 over-sized courses, drank more than I needed and spent the rest of the night feeling full, sick and disappointed that I’d over-indulged rather than balanced things out to really enjoy the evening. It was time to change that habit for good!

My goal was to create better, healthier, daily habits and to maintain the 10kg loss I had worked on the 8 months previous. I lost weight on the program, a further 8.4kgs! … But what I gained blew me away more than anything. I cook better now… I even enjoy it!! By simply following the plan & principles of the Kim Beach program, I now know instinctively what to eat and when to eat it.  For me, preparation was the key to my success. It only took a few days to get into the rhythm of it all and then it became so easy to execute!

Holly and her niece

The support from the noexcuses Facebook group is amazing, from recipe tips to keeping you on track & motivated – it all made a difference in changing my habits and my mind-set.

My internal dialogue & mood is better… and there’s nothing like the feeling of being totally in control of what you choose to eat. My choice now is food that serves me well, but I also harbour no guilt if I choose the occasional indulgent meal, as I simply make the next meal and day a healthier one.

The Kim Beach program worked wonders for me and I absolutely recommend it without a doubt! HUGE thanks to Kim Beach, the amazing team of Kim Beach staff support crew, the Facebook group of “Beachies” and a program that helped me make the changes I wanted for my life.

Holly 🙂 ”

I love how you have gained so much from the program Holly! #noexcuses is designed to teach you great food habits and you have proved how easy it is to take control. You look fabulous!

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Kim x