Marienne’s Stunning #noexcuses Journey! #68

Mairenne looking stunning after #noexcuses

“Hi Kim,
I am just like any other woman trying to make the best of herself.
The trigger for joining was when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in a clingy dress. You see I have always had an hour glass figure and I do like my curves but what I saw was not just curves but unhealthy ones! The other motivating factor was I was always tired!! I would come home from work exhausted and just want to lay on the couch and sleep! I am extremely busy in the day teaching at a large school never with a minute to myself. I needed to be healthier and fitter not just for me but for my family and the kids I teach!

Marienne and her clingy dress

After reading all the success stories and really looking into the program I knew this one was for me. I love food and I immediately saw there were five meals a day of foods that were easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious and not fad foods.
I decided to take up martial arts, walked every day and cycled on the weekend. Finally I had energy to be the ‘me’ that I wanted to be.

Martial Arts – 3rd from the left

The key was to prep, prep and prep! I left nothing to chance. There was always rice and eggs in the fridge, complete frozen meals and plenty of veggies in the fridge. I stuck by the principles. During my journey I travelled overseas and went out for many dinners but made good choices on the way. The support group is what makes this program truly unique. You meet women who are on the same journey and have your back. There is no criticism just complete understanding and support. Questions are answered immediately and you realise that you can do it as you are cheered on!
The first 8 kg came off in the first 8 weeks and it took another 2 cycles to get the next 6 kg off. And I have maintained it since then. I am looking at the next challenge now- nolimits.

Marienne now after #noexcuses – 14kg lighter

I love that people come up and look at me and say you’ve lost a lot of weight and then they have another look and say… Oh my you really have lost a lot of weight! Every day I get compliments- I feel great, healthier and fitter than ever.


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Kim x