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See how Amanda took on both of my programs with truly stunning results! #65


“Hi Kim

So I’ve officially finished my #nolimits journey! And what a journey it has been! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate this program that you have made – I literally have never lasted more than a few days on any other “diet” (mainly because i didn’t like the restrictions placed on me) but this is not a diet – it’s a complete lifestyle change – and one that I love and will continue to pursue long after I finish the set programs.

I started #noexcuses because I was doing just that – making excuses. I have always been fit and athletic and never had to worry about what food I was consuming because my weight just didn’t budge. All that changed after I had my son – being my first pregnancy I did all the wrong things like stopping exercise all together and “eating for two” – thinking to myself, “if I put on weight I’ll just loose it breastfeeding later, no big deal”! Two years down the track and I still hadn’t lost the extra weight – I had a “mum bod” and absolutely hated it!!! This self hate just made me eat more “comfort food” making the excuse to myself that “I’ll work it off at the gym”. I had engaged the services of a PT and was working hard but letting myself down in the nutrition department.


Amanda and her family before #noexcuses

Sitting in bed one night looking at the muffin top rolling over my pants I decided “enough is enough! I hate what I am looking at and I’m the only one who can fix it”. I had seen Kim Beach posts on Facebook a number of times so I decided to email Kim to determine if this was another “get fit quick” scam – needless to say the personal email that followed really brought home to me that this was “a real thing” and a plan designed for busy mums. The sample plan looked completely manageable – I was even allowed yoghurt and berries!! I downloaded the plan, went shopping, did my prep and took the plunge.

I found I was quite hungry to start with (which was actually all in my head because I was “on a diet”) but I soon found my rhythm and the first thing I noticed was how much more energy I had!! I loved what I was doing and suddenly my clothes were looser and I felt “cleaner” on the inside!

By the end of #noexcuses I had achieved my personal goal of fitting back into my wedding dress!! I had lost most of my love handles and my pants were so loose I had to buy new ones!! I finished and thought “well this is great, people are noticing and I feel fabulous!” – fast forward past two weeks of unhealthy eating and uh oh! Those pants were getting a bit tight. So onward and upwards to #nolimits. The Facebook groups are amazing too – such a lovely bunch of women who are all so supportive – its really quite humbling to know that you have the support of a whole community behind you! And the fact that someone from the team personally responds to your post!! So cool!

I love a good challenge and the idea of building muscle really appeals to me so I downloaded the #nolimits program and away I went. This was a lot harder only in that it took more determination to stick to the eating plan. I tried very hard not to deviate – my personal goal this time was to see my abs – something I’ve never achieved even with all the exercise I used to do!! I haven’t quite got there yet but I am sooooo close!!! I am definitely going to have abs by the time summer gets here!


Left: Before starting her Journey. Middle: After 8 weeks of #noexcuses. Right: After 8 weeks of #nolimits

To Kim Beach and the Team behind these programs I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing the opportunity to achieve weight loss goals in a safe and healthy manner and also to teach me the principles behind good clean eating – thanks to your program (and my hard work) I have inspired a couple of girls at work to change their lifestyle for the better – I can’t talk enough about these programs and I am looking forward to #noexcuseslife and all the yummy recipes from Kim’s Kitchen!!



You should be so proud of your consistency and what you have achieved Amanda, you will have those abs in no time!

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Kim x