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Read Jade’s powerful #noexcuses journey….. #66


Jade now – down from a 16 to a size 12

“My no excuses journey happened because of my sister. She had completed her no excuses journey and looked amazing. I was in awe of her and looked forward to her progress pics every 4 weeks.

After having my second child my Postnatal depression was heaps worse. I didn’t gain as much weight as I had in my first pregnancy but I am one of the unlucky ones that actually gains weight when breast feeding. I also have PCOS and have always had weight battles where my weight will go up and down.

After my daughter had turned 6 months, I think my sister was sick of me making excuses and saying I would start the program, that she rang me one day and said “that’s it I am signing you up!” And it was the best thing she could have ever done!


Jade before and after #noexcuses

After my first round of no excuses I was feeling amazing. Not only was my appearance changing but I was becoming a happy and healthier mum for my children. My husband does FIFO and is away at 2 weeks at a time so I loved that the at home program allowed me to do the exercise at home and fit it around my mummy duties as well. It also showed positive role modelling for my children as my nearly 3 year old son would do planks and do stretches on the mat.

My progress is a lot slower than some but this is my journey and after completing 3 rounds of #noexcuses you can see at the amazing progress I have made so far. My PND is so much better and even though I am still on my meds and I still have hard days I am the happiest and healthiest I have been in a very long time. I have never had a very good self-esteem but I look at these progress pictures and I can actually say how proud I am of myself. I still have a long way to go but I feel I am ready to tackle #nolimits now and challenge myself even more.



Here is a photo of me from the other day trying on a fav pair of my pre pregnancy size 12 jeans and being ecstatic that not only did they fit, but I was actually pulling them up throughout the day. The scales have always been a tug of war with my mind. I have learnt not to focus on the scales and focus on how I feel and my measurements Coz these jeans fit me when I was 65 kgs and I am 8.5kgs heavier than that AND THEY FIT but this program has just changed my body shape completely.

I hope I can show other mums that suffer from PND that you are worth it. The #noexcuses Facebook support group is absolutely amazing! Anni and Geraldine are my mums on there and have given me so much love and support I truly am blessed! Everyone on the page has a different story and really listens and is so motivating towards each other.

I have also now completed a round of no limits. And even though it was challenging and more time consuming it has pushed me to limits I didn’t know I could achieve. I lifted a 150 kg tyre at my bootcamp the other day something that I would never have even dreamed of doing before no excuses and no limits.


My journey has far from finished and I am returning back to no excuses to lose a bit more weight. Kim and the other beachfit girls are truly amazing, they treat each person with respect and listen to us and help guide us through this journey. One day I hope I get to meet them all and give them a hug face to face coz I already feel like I know them.

Thank you Kim for changing my life around and helping me become happier and healthier. I love that I can fit your program in with my busy mum life!

Love Jade xxx”

I am so proud of you Jade and what you have achieved, I can’t wait to watch you continue to smash those goals!

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Kim x