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See how Anna said goodbye to 12kg & kicked her sugar addiction! #57


Anna and her beautiful kids!

“My name is Anna and I am a 39yr old mum of 2 human and 2 fur kids.  My initial reason for signing up with Kim Beach’s No excuses program was to lose my baby weight, fit back into my work uniform and get my fitness up. I was determined that upon finishing my maternity leave in November I was not going to have to order the next size up in work uniform, and I did it with a month to spare!

I gained just over 22 kilos with my second pregnancy and managed to loose 10kg from the birth and breastfeeding. I lost that without any effort on my behalf, well eating/exercise wise, childbirth and breastfeeding is certainly much more than just an effort!  Up until June I hadn’t done much in the way of weight loss management or fitness work apart from the occasional walk here and there. My eating habits weren’t great so it’s no surprise I wasn’t losing any more weight. My goal was to get back to pre- pregnancy weight of 78 kilos, but also thought it would be nice to lose a few extra kilos as I was a little overweight pre pregnancy anyway.


Anna before #noexcuses

I signed up with the home version of no excuses. I wanted a program that was going to be realistic to maintain around kids where you don’t get much time to yourself. I knew I wouldn’t be going to a gym so having a home version was perfect.

What I got from the program was so much more. Signing up was the best decision I made for myself and I loved it so much I am now part way through No limits. I was able to do most of the workouts in my lounge-room or backyard, perfect; it meant I was able to fit something in most days. Being able to swap some of the workouts around when the plan for the day was being thrown out the window also meant I could still do something.


Before and after & looking FAB!

The food side was a lot easier to manage than I expected. The meals were quick and easy to make and used a lot of the same ingredients so I wasn’t buying all these different things that I would only use once. My grocery shopping bill actually went down a little. I also made the same meals with small variations for my family so I wasn’t cooking separate meals for everyone. I ain’t got no time for that! Lol. Oh and I liked most of the meals, and the ones I wasn’t fond off, the program is flexible enough you can adjust or swap meals so you enjoy them while still following the principals of the program.

I followed the food side most of the time. Yes I slipped a few times and guess what, I still got amazing results. I managed to kick my sugar addiction! I feel so much better and healthier, I didn’t realise how bad I was until I started feeling healthy again. I went from feeling flat, old and broken and being exhausted all the time to feeling energetic and good. I don’t need naps during the day anymore. I don’t get bloated and my reflux has improved.


Fit Strong & Sugar Addiction Gone!!

It’s amazing the effect food has on your body. I actually don’t enjoy the old sugary and greasy foods I used to indulge on. I find that afterwards I feel sick and crave fresh stuff. It didn’t happen overnight and it wasn’t a perfect journey but I stuck with the program and kept up with the principals after I completed the 8 weeks, and what a mindset shift, it’s exciting! I love food and I always will, but I’ve learnt I can make better choices”


Stunning results Anna and thanks so much for sharing your story, I love that you have lost the weight you wanted and also learnt how important real food is for fueling a healthy body and mind! You look so strong and fit…. awesome!

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, I can definitely help you achieve your goals!   Click here to read all about my app      and please email my team and I on  if you have any questions at all – Kim x