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How Ned became a Better, Happier and Healthier version of herself with #nolimits! #61

“I now work out because I love my body, not because I hate it

It took 1 hour from when I saw the Kim Beach link on Facebook, to reading the programs and blogs to having #nolimitshome in my cart and receiving the welcome email. This was the biggest and best step in becoming a ‘better me’.

Ned after #nolimits

Ned after #nolimits

I am your typical, everyday 32yr old mother of 2. I have the stretch marks, the loose skin and the diastasis recti (separated ab muscles from pregnancy).  I spent months avoiding my reflection in a mirror, and in the off chance that I did catch it – I picked out everything I hated about it. Growing up and before family life I was an avid sports person, and standing at 176cm I have always appeared lean. However IVF treatments, pregnancy and putting ‘me’ second to everything, lead my body to form a whole new shape. The few months prior to the program I was also hit with a few injury blows, the main being that I would require a shoulder reconstruction in 2016. This sunk me further into the dark hole of ‘hating my body’.

Ned and her beautiful children

Ned and her beautiful children

On the day I saw the link to the Kim Beach site, I told myself I was going to change. I told my husband that I wanted to do something for ‘ME’ and that I would need his support for 8 weeks. As soon as I opened the #nolimitshome PDF, I was committed. Yes the first week was tough. My body was craving all of the bad stuff, however I refused to lose. The biggest key was being prepared. Always making sure I prepped well enough to ensure I couldn’t slip. My days were long, 4.45am alarm for workouts, school lunches prepped with my 5 meals, work and every other activity scheduled in family life. This was my routine, and after a week, it felt natural. From here the results started coming. All of the hard work and commitment was paying off, and I was starting to actually look in the mirror again.

The final week of the program saw me fall ill, and even though I was able to continue to eat well, I was unable to work out. I listened to my body and figured I’d just get back to it next week. My end results are mainly in the pictures. I’m not one to go off scales as such, but in the end there was a 6kg loss.


Before and After #nolimits 6kg lighter

Now 6 months after the program I am still feeling great. I continue to work out 4-5 times a week and I have reached a happy balance in my diet. I continue to eat the right foods, however am at a point where I enjoy other foods when out knowing that it’s just a part of life and I will be straight back to what I now call ‘the normal’ tomorrow. I have now committed myself to a long term goal of living a healthier lifestyle and hope to continue doing so well into the future.

A huge credit to Kim and her amazing team who were always there on a daily basis to answer any question. And finally the journey was made so much easier by being a part of an amazing group of women, all aiming for the same thing – a better, happier and healthier ‘ME’.


Amazing results Ned and thanks so much for sharing your story, I love that you did this for yourself and have continued to train hard and maintain your weight loss. You look fantastic!

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Kim x