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See why I LOVED reading Tatjana’s incredible #NOEXCUSES story! #55


“My name is Tatjana, I am 39, a working mother of 3 and a wife to a husband who works long hours every day.

Over the past 18 months I let myself somewhat go and about 5-6 unwanted kilos piled up. Whenever I mentioned to friends and family that I’ve gained some weight, they’d tell me “no, you look great” or “don’t be silly you don’t need to lose weight”. And perhaps on the outside I didn’t look like I needed to lose weight, but on the inside I was screaming and unhappy.

Personally I think you can’t define ideal weight in numbers but in how you feel. I am 165cm in height and the weight at which I feel most comfortable in my skin is around 55kg. Kim can tell you that before I purchased her #noexcuses program, I used to bombard her with questions, but what she can’t tell you is that I already knew the answers. I was just procrastinating. Because that’s what most of us do. The fear of the unknown tends to make us feel we will fail before we even start. We may have tried things before which haven’t worked or we feel it’s just going to be too hard.


Before & After #noexcuses 6kg gone!

But somehow Kim’s #noexcuses program seemed different. I remember reading one success story after another and finding it mind-blowing. One day one of her amazing stories showed up in my news feed and I just couldn’t take it anymore, I had to sign up.

My main motivation was the way I was feeling. Tired, easily bloated, irritated, but I also had this pair of jeans that fitted me perfectly 18  months ago and now wouldn’t go past my thighs. Like most of us, my life is always extremely busy. Driving kids around, work, housework and just life in general. Most things always felt like an effort. I had digestive issues and a slightly slow thyroid which I believe assisted the weight to slowly pile up.

After I purchased the program I procrastinated for another 11 days, always coming up with excuses to start the program at a later date.

At that stage my husband had had enough of me talking about it and said “please just start already”. I guess I needed that push. I went shopping next day and started on a Sunday. I made sure I prepared everything for the whole week ahead. I was determined to succeed, to prove to myself I can do this. I committed. I wanted to feel good and I was determined to be back in those jeans again. The first prep for the week took 5 hours. The second prep week later took 15 minutes. Yes, you read that right, 15 minutes. This is when I knew this program is something different, something amazing, so easy to follow and would be sustainable long-term.


Tatjana’s amazing 8 week stats

As the days went by, it became a second nature. I didn’t even think about it as “being on an 8 week eating plan”. It quickly became my lifestyle. I enjoyed working out, lifting weights, watching my body get toned. I made sure I found the time to do it, even if it was a quick exercise because I no longer was tired. My energy was back, I slept better. I was happier and a more positive all around.

Yes I had few days here and there where I craved “junky” food, but the program provided tools and knowledge how to combat those days. The best and most enjoyable part of the program, is how quick and easy meals are to prep and cook, plus all healthy and delicious with lots of variations. Just the way nature intended.

I stuck to the eating plan 98% and exercise 90%. I started the journey at 61.4 kg and after only 27 days (not even 4 weeks), I was back in my jeans with a loss of 4kgs. My body started to have definition in places I didn’t even think possible for a woman my age.

Today, I have lost a total of 6kgs and 23cms off my body. I feel great, my skin looks great but above all I now have the energy to keep up with anything that comes my way, I don’t feel tired, bloated, it seems as though my body has found peace.


Tatjana looking FAB!!!

Plus I have the knowledge of what and how to eat to maintain a healthy weight and body long-term. This is the ONLY program I have tried that worked in a short amount of time with real results for real, busy women (and men) that required minimal budget and fitted in with a busy parent schedule. If you’re thinking about it, stop and just sign up. You will not look back. I know I haven’t. The only thing I regret, is not signing up sooner.

Thank you Kim. I am so grateful to you and your amazing team, the Facebook support group and everything and everyone else associated with this program.

I have loved every minute of it.

Tatjana xoxox”

Just wow Tatjana, thank you soooooo much for sharing your incredible story and results. You have been such a supportive and fabulous member of my private support group and BeachFit community and it is my absolute pleasure to feature you as my latest #superstar!!

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Kim x