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See how Cake Decorator, Rochelle said goodbye to 22kg & counting! #54


Rochelle 22kg gone

“At the beginning of the New Year, I was ready for a challenge. I was weaning my third child and I was wanting to reclaim my body. I started the challenge with determination and I was not going to give in!

My husband found the Kim Beach Facebook page and from there we were hooked. He mentioned it to me and we both realised we needed to do something and I couldn’t believe how easy it was once we started. I opened the #noexcuses program, downloaded a weight tracker on my phone (Happy Scale) and bought a fitbit for motivation. Preparing and following the food in the program is so simple, Kim’s philosophy of just getting back to basics is perfect for the busy household.


Rochelle before #noexcuses

Over the 8 week period the weight literally fell off with a total of 22kg lost. Keeping my favourite things from the program in my normal day to day eating has enable me to sustain my weight (4 months on). Now comfortable in a size 16 I gave my size 20’s to a friend as motivation to start her own weight loss journey.

The oats with berries of a morning is my favourite thing to eat, and now instead of deliberating over what to have for dinner, our go to is a lean cut of meat or fish with green vegetables.

I feel so amazing and its crazy the comments you get from people you know and love about how fabulous you look. Not only this being so overweight was paying its toll on my body and I don’t have the aches and pains I use to.

I found a lot of the girls in the support group were asking the same questions as I needed answering as they were all new to the program so I looked at it and received notifications from it.

I am a cake decorator, this was always a problem for me trying to lose weight. Always being surrounded by temptation was hard. But I was committed when I joined Kim’s program and I was always full and didn’t have the sugar cravings.

I joined a local Mum’s kickboxing club and I can actually run, I enjoy working out and being healthy is my new mindset.


I was lucky enough to meet Rochelle in July!

I met Kim in July and I wasn’t nervous at all. She is so sweet and caring, just a lovely person who has made such a difference to my life. I am so proud to achieved such a loss but to be able to maintain it by incorporating it into my day to day life, just not being so strict has allowed me to maintain my weight for a further 6 months.

I recommend the program to everyone. I have done other weight loss programs, but none of them made it this simple and easy to follow whilst being so motivating with results!

Thank you Kim for making it so easy, I wish I did this 20 years ago xx

Rochelle xx”

Thanks so much for sharing your story Rochelle, I loved meeting you and hearing your inspiring story first hand… the fact you are around cakes all day make your results even more amazing. I know you are loving your new lifestyle and you are setting an amazing example for your family!

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Kim x