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See how Stacey got her groove back & said goodbye to over 10kg!! #51


Stacey & hubby post program, looking amazing!

“My journey with Kim Beach is a late chapter in what has been the story of my weight battle over the last 20 years.  I’ve never been ‘really’ overweight, but with a family history that I didn’t want to emulate, I’ve always been conscious of particularly the unwanted 3 kg that turns into 5 kg and the 5kg that turns into…….so it’s always been something I struggled with.  I’m also lucky enough to be tall, around 176cm (approx. 5’9” in the old language) and as anyone who is taller will understand, it hides a multitude of sins (or around 5kg before anyone else notices).

So all was continuing on in this way until 4 years ago when I played one too many seasons of netball and RUINED my right ankle.  6 months in a moon boot, many more months of rehab and physio, but thankfully no surgery, I am left with a foot that on a good day has a pain score of around 3 out of 10 and on a bad day still swells like a fresh injury and feels like someone is hammering directly into the bone!!!  Needless to say, after playing netball consistently, running and walking regularly…..I was down to barely doing the 1.5km commute walking to work daily which meant virtually no exercise and I was resigned to perhaps this body was the one I was destined to have.

And then I saw Kim Beach on my Facebook feed, AND I read some of the details, AND I saw the philosophy of ‘it’s 80% what you eat’!!!! I was so excited, I thought ‘well I can eat anything for 8 weeks’ and I can then sustain that – I certainly can’t sustain increased exercise! So I paid up and let my family know that we were in for a journey – to which the response from hubby, and Misses 19 & 17 was ‘bring it on Mum – we can do it!’…and so it began.

Sandi before. 5'9 and wanting to lose 10g

Sandi before. 5’9 and wanting to lose 10g

I am not a fussy eater, but I struggle with consistencies of some foods so I was worried about the cottage cheese and the yoghurt but proved that if you put your mind to anything you can achieve!  I knew I had to be committed to the food, because the exercise is completely random, so I am proud to say I only ate about 3 items ‘off program’ for the whole 8 weeks and I figured alcohol free was a good addition (however, there was no way I was giving up my daily skim flat white….so continued just without the usual addition of 1 sugar).  The family ate the evening meals and hubby joined me for the lunches and the prep on Sundays so all in all it was a team effort!

So results time, I lost 4 kg in the first 4 weeks and another 4.2 kg in the last 4 weeks.  Then since finishing the program another 2kg so all up 10kg and over 20 cm lost from bust, waist and hips (I didn’t measure any other parts – I didn’t think the results would be so dramatic!!!!).  However, clichéd as it sounds, the numbers aren’t as important as how I feel, my clothes are all too big – lucky me that I have 2 teenage willing shoppers to assist me when I get a day to replenish my wardrobe! And my confidence is through the roof which means I’m trying new things….and succeeding!  I am studying again (and just passed my first assignment) and hubby and I have just completed a Scuba Diving Open Water course which is completely amazing (not the least of which entails me in a wet suit hee hee).

Post Program Scuba Adventures!

Post Program Scuba Adventures!

For all the newbies, or anyone struggling, the only opinion I can offer is to believe in yourself and trust the program and you’ll get there – you are stronger than you know. Embrace the changes and they won’t leave you when you finish the program – I no longer have sugar in my coffee, hubby and I have a standing date on a Sunday morning (early) to purchase fruit and veg for the week at the markets and there are more often than not more veggies than anything else on the plate at night time…….(I could go on, but you get the point J)

A huge shout out to Kim, Anni and Geraldine (and anyone behind the scenes that we don’t seeJ) for your encouragement, support and commitment to this wonderful program.  Thanks also to the other #noexcuses participants who share their stories, triumphs and challenges so honestly on the page – it sure helps you focus on your goals.

My last thank you is to my wonderful family, who believe in me and my abilities much more than I do in myself and remind me every day of why I strive to be my best self – it is because of your support that I finally got my groove back and I am so blessed to share all of this with you.


THANK  YOU Stacey, your story really made my day!

I LOVE that my program has helped you create some positive long term healthy habits for both you and your family, and I know that gaining your confidence back is such a wonderful thing (your new study and scuba adventure sound amazing!)

Thanks again for sharing, I know you will inspire many women with your words…..

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Kim x