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Bec’s Stunning 8 Week Results! #53

The gorgeous Bec

The gorgeous Bec & her son Harry

I am 33, married, and a mum of two.

I signed up for #nolimits after stumbling across the Beachfit Community page on Facebook. I didn’t want to lose any weight but wanted just slight muscle definition.

After reading through all three of the Kim Beach programs, #nolimits was definitely the program with the flashing lights around it saying this is the one for you! I’ll be honest I hesitated,I was a little skeptical, there are so many programs designed at weight loss and muscle building available on the internet. Shakes replacing meals, skipping meals, counting calories, counting points, high protein, low carb …. I read the sample pages over and over. How tough was #nolimits going to be?

For years I was the type of girl that cringed at the thought of exercise, I would watch those Danoz Direct advertisements selling equipment that promised a six-pack in 7 days and would be foolish enough to believe it and jump on the phone. I wanted ‘that body’ but didn’t want the hard work that went with it.

I couldn’t run, the thought of a protein shake made me literally gag and tuna …. oh tuna! Revolting!!!!

Bec pre #Nolimits

Bec pre #Nolimits

Finally, I bit the bullet and did it, I signed up! I plastered it all over Facebook, told my friends, told my family, stripped the fridge of crap and made myself 110% accountable. I was doing this, I was committing myself to 8 weeks and if I failed everyone was going to know about it. 8 weeks later, 56 days, 6 days a week of 4:30am gym starts, crawling out of bed in the dark, putting on my gym shorts and runners to leave my warm house and walk outside in the pouring rain to get into my car and drive to a gym because I had committed myself to it.

The days I felt like giving up, or sleeping in a tiny voice in my head would say ‘get your lazy arse out of bed’ the burning pain in my muscles when all I wanted to do was quit, that voice in my head would come back and say ‘keep going it’s not going to kill you’

I have learnt so much in 8 weeks. Carbs are not the devil, you just need know the difference between good and bad and what part of the day to eat them. Change isn’t easy, it’s bloody hard work, it’s going to hurt, you are going to want to give up, you are going to want to stay in your warm bed. There’s going to be days that quitting seems like an easier option but I did it. I got through 56 days of intense gym sessions, strict food and I feel the best I have ever felt.  I made my food a priority and worked my butt off.

My biggest accomplishment is my six-pack and being able to eat tuna straight out of a tin. I am a better person physically and mentally, I am a better wife and a better mum because I am healthy and fit. I am in love with what I have achieved and I have done it for no one other than myself.


Weights scared me. Day 1 was doing barbell lunges with a 5kg weight, I am now lifting nearly 50kgs. I continually kept challenging myself, if it was ‘comfortable’ I increased the weight so it hurt.

I did it without a personal trainer, had my weights card, my water bottle and iPod and worked hard. Not one session was easy because I made an effort to always push that little bit harder.

#nolimits has taught me that a number on a scale is exactly that – a number. It means nothing. I have gained 6.5kg of muscle mass and lost 15% body fat. My body fat on day 1 was 27%, at day 56 it is 12% …. TWELVE PERCENT!!!!!!!!!

I’m a mum, I work, I am busy, just like everyone else. If you want it badly enough you’ll make it work. Friends often told me I was mad going to the gym at 4:30am every day, many made reference that it was the middle of the night. It worked for me and my family.

Bec happy & proud!

Bec happy & proud!

I knew if I committed myself to evening sessions I was setting myself up to fail. Find time for you, do Kim’s programs for you and make yourself 100% accountable. Make the right food choices, exercise and lift weights. #nolimits has changed my life.

Kim, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise and building this emperor. You and your team of incredible women need to be commemorated for putting in the endless hours of hard work to help motivate women like me and get the results we dream of. Your programs work!

Bec xo

LOVE LOVE LOVE your story and results Bec, you totally committed yourself to the program & real change and deserve all the amazing rewards for your efforts. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being a positive part of my #BeachFit community.. YOU ROCK!!

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Kim x