The perfect choc treat for a cold night!


There is no doubt that it is hard to fight back a chocolate craving when you are in on a chilly night and you want something rich and delicious! But chocolate is one of those naughty foods, right? Sure, it isn’t something that you should be fueling your body with all the time but you can find time for a treat every now and then!

That is why my Gooey Chocolate Puddings are absolutely perfect when you can’t fight back those cocoa feelings!!

I took a lot of time to perfect this twist on an old favourite trying to make a chocolate dessert that comes together using only a few whole, natural ingredients without sacrificing the flavours. And after a lot of experimenting I came up with a pudding that uses natural sweeteners to settle your taste buds while still delivering on the chocolate hit!

It is super simple to make and the whole family will love it!!

Click here to download my delicious Gooey Chocolate Pudding recipe x