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Tahny’s 10kg journey taught her that not every day is 100% but a lot can be! #45

Women like Tahny are an inspiration to me. She has gone through a lot in the last few years but finally decided that it was time that she stopped worrying about only looking after the other people in her life and started putting a bit more focus on herself. She has taken my #noexcuses and #nolimits programs and really made them work for her lifestyle – I couldn’t hope for anything better! This is Tahny’s inspirational story….

Tahny and her beautiful smile before her #noexcuses and #nolimits journey

Tahny and her beautiful smile before her #noexcuses and #nolimits journey

“I am so grateful for your amazing programs and I’m so pleased that in early August last year I stumbled across your no excuses program in my Facebook newsfeed.

When I think about my life there are two phases, the times when I looked after the people in my life and the times when I looked after myself and the people in my life. I have always had an interest in health and fitness but at times I have let other things get in my way. About 3 years ago my marriage came to an end and I found myself as a single mother with two children. Although I knew this was the best move forward for me it was a difficult and challenging time that saw me gain about 10kg. It also meant that I had to work more days and getting to the gym was difficult. It was after a holiday in July last year that I realised it was time to get my weight and fitness back under control.

I started no excuses in August 2015 and decided that a big part of my success was going to be based on giving up alcohol. My tricky life had meant that I had been drinking regularly and the excess calories and sluggishness was not helping me in my hectic life.

Tahny with her sisters-in-law Kelly and Kimmy who also joined my programs - support is so important!!

Tahny with her sisters-in-law Kelly and Kimmy who also joined my programs – support is so important!!

No excuses helped to regulate my sugar levels and I went almost the full 8 weeks with no alcohol. A major bonus was that  I could complete the program at home with minimal equipment! When I finished no excuses I just didn’t want to stop, the fire to train hard had been relit and I needed to move forward. I had heard about no limits and thought I’d give it a go. I started no limits knowing that I’d be doing it through the festive season and a family wedding but I wanted to keep moving forward. I bought equipment to create a home gym in my carport and trained daily.  I completed my first round of no limits in January but knew I needed to give it another good go because there had been quite a few days that weren’t 100%. Late January I decided to start a another 8 weeks of no limits.

I’m a school teacher and work 4 days a week, I have two children, 7 & 9 and their after school schedule is quite hectic. The only way I can get organised is to wake soon after 5am and prepare the next day’s meals the night before. I do my main prep on the weekend but organisation is definitely the key! I’m not always 100% but I have lots of 100% days. I do love a wine and now that is my treat. If I can eat healthy and have a couple of wines as a treat I’m happy with that balance.

I started #noexcuseslife to help me introduce a wider variety of foods back into my diet and to help me find a balance between being fit and healthy and having an enjoyable and social life. The recipes are varied and delicious!

Today I’m 10kg down and feeling amazing and full of energy. Exercise and healthy eating are definitely a part of my daily life now. I’m more positive and energised for the children I work with and my gorgeous and supportive family.

Tahny 10kg down before and after taking on #noexcuses and #nolimits

Tahny 10kg down before and after taking on #noexcuses and #nolimits

My goals for the future are to remain healthy and to put myself first so that I can be the best I can be for the people who need me.

A big thanks to you Kim Beach and your gorgeous Beachfit staff and community for your continued support throughout my journey. I have made some strong connections with likeminded girls who give me a gym community without going to the gym. Strong women who support each other through the many mental, physical and emotional barriers they face. I look forward to a bright, fit and positive future!

Big hugs!

Love Tahny

I love watching your journey Tahny and it was so amazing to finally meet you in Sydney!

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Kim x