Weight Loss

Scale it back! Do your emotions balance on this little number?


Do the scales fit into your morning routine?

So you get out of bed, strip off ready for your shower but first a little pit stop to the scales. You know you have been trying hard to lose weight, you step on the scales and hope and pray that little number is less than yesterday’s. To your horror it hasn’t even budged, how could this be???

You start to feel disappointed that your hard work doesn’t seem to be paying off and you begin to wonder if it ever will.

That little number on the scales plays with your emotions like nothing else can in your journey. So my message to you is to stop relying on the scales as your number 1 measure of how you are progressing!

I know it can be tempting, you are on a journey of weight loss so why wouldn’t you be tracking your weight constantly? There are a few reasons for this:

The scales can make you lose focus!

The feeling you get when the number doesn’t move, or heaven forbid goes up, is absolutely horrible. This can set the tone of your day. So one day can be great, the next is the lowest you have felt in your entire journey. It is a total roller coaster and a ride that you didn’t sign up for. Don’t let it distract from your end goal because you need that focus to stay strong!

Only one figure tells the true story!

You know your body, you know how you are feeling so don’t let the scales tell you any different. With your new training routine and better food choices your body is changing – you are getting fitter, healthier and building more lean muscle, all of which the scales don’t know! So seeing how your figure looks in the mirror is far more important than the figure on the scales.

It won’t happen overnight!

But it will happen… It may take you a good 4 weeks before your weight actually starts to drop, this is totally normal. It makes me sad when I hear of women giving up too soon. This is a journey that takes time and if you are being consistent, eating smart and incorporating some exercise then your well-earned results will come.

So for anyone that is currently doing or planning to do my #noexcuses program my best recommendation is to trust the process and only use the scales as a monthly check in. Even if you weigh yourself at the start of your journey and not much has changed by week 4 just stay focused as your metabolism could just be starting to fire!

Kim x

I did a live Facebook broadcast on the scales including a Q&A at the end which you can watch below!!!