My super simple Polenta & Parmesan Schnitzel!


Who loves a good Schnitzel?!

If you don’t know already my favourite all time kitchen appliance is my sandwich press, it pretty much cooks everything I eat day to day from meat to eggs to vegetables, the list goes on!

So I thought that I would share a great meal idea with you and one that is a regular in my house and a winner with my kids. I am talking about my Polenta & Parmesan Schnitzel!

I don’t use polenta a lot but when it comes to schnitzel I wouldn’t have it any other way. Polenta just gives it that extra flavour and crunch!

If you are after a great family meal that is packed full of flavour and will take you 5 minutes to prep, cook and serve – then this one is for you.

Download the recipe for my delicious take on the classic schnitzel here!!