What does a typical day on my 8 week programs look like?

My team and I get daily requests asking what a day on my program looks like so I have decided to make them easy for everyone to download!

Here are the links and a quick rundown on each 8 week program… all three are available in home or gym training versions and once you have signed up you can access the other version for just $20.

#NOEXCUSES – 8 Week Weight Loss


You will be eating simple portion sized meals regularly and training 6 days a week (adjustable to all fitness levels). The eating plan will provide you with 80% of your results (most people think its the training side of things) and its been specifically designed to pair different types of food together at different times of day to maximize results. I also get asked about the typical weight loss on the program….. this is really hard to answer as everyone is different but I would say the average is between 5-8kg if you stick to the 8 week plan. #noexcuses will teach you a lot and is designed to set you up to continue with your journey and of course you can repeat the program as required for a reduced amount! Its a practical program designed for busy people with real lives.

You can click here to download your sample of #noexcuses 

NB: If you have any trouble downloading your sample, just click here to email us and we will send you one asap!

#NOLIMITS – 8 Week Build Muscle

#nolimits - Naomi (00000002)

#nolimits is designed to shred you down and build muscle over an 8 week period. It is strict and super intense and should be viewed as an 8 week challenge not a sustainable lifestyle choice. Like #noexcuses you will be eating smaller meals more regularly but the training is much harder and has a heavy focus on weight training. Ideally you would be within 5 kg of your ideal weight and have at least a basic understanding of weight training. There is a gym and a home version available.

You can click here to download your sample of #nolimits: 

NB: If you have any trouble downloading your sample, just click here to email us and we will send you one asap!


Life cover

#noexcuseslife is designed to teach you how to eat well and train hard in every day life. It is pretty much designed around how I eat everyday, enjoying lots of wholefoods with some yummy treats thrown in! It is perfect for people who have finished #noexcuses to transition you back into normal life or it is also great for someone who doesn’t need to lose weight but just wants to start eating well on a regular basis. There are gym and home versions available as well. If you have completed #noexcuses you also qualify for a $10 loyalty discount on #noexcuseslife so please email us on info@kimbeach.com for the code.

You can click here to download you sample of #noexcuseslife:

The sample downloads will give you a good insight into what a day actually looks like on these programs but please drop my team and I an email at any time at info@kimbeach.com if you have any questions at all.

I am also very proud of the personal support each program offers. When you join you receive 10 weeks access to my private Facebook support groups where you can ask any questions anytime (7 days a week) and my team and I are right there to offer help and support. Two of my qualified team are based in the UK and the rest in Australia to ensure you get support 24 hours a day when you need it.

I asked some ladies recently about the support aspect of the programs and this is what they had to say:

” I’ve never quite experienced a group with so much support and encouragement on a daily basis and the professional support from the team is outstanding and makes you feel like a million dollars” – Caroline

“I’ve done other programs before but Kim Beach is by far the best thing I’ve ever done and will carry through my life as its now become a lifestyle for me” – Meg

I never expected just how much support and encouragement I would get from the online group! It was so wonderful to have that daily support and contact with a group of like minded women on a similar journey! They became my tribe” – Sharon

This is the perfect time of year to get into a great rhythm with your food and training and my programs & team are ready now to help you get into the shape of your life!

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my programs will definitely help you achieve your goals! Click here to read all about my programs and please email my team and I on info@kimbeach.com if you have any questions at all.

Kim x