My first sunny 48 hours in London….


My first trip on the tube #tourist

I have to say that its only been 48 hours so far ….but I think I have fallen in love with the UK!

All of the things I was worried about before I left have turned out to be completely different….. its been beautifully sunny since we arrived and so far the food has been absolutely outstanding everywhere we have been.


5AM at Buckingham Palace #jetlag

Sleep though has been hard to come by and yesterday we were up at 5AM outside Buckingham Palace as the sun was coming up and it was simply stunning (a big hint for this weeks #BeachFit Challenge), we then spent the day seeing the sights of London as it was a Monday bank holiday here.

Today we get started with our work week and I am so looking forward to meeting and training Jo and Nicki, the newest members of #teambeach , based here in the UK.



Here are some pics from our visit so far….. I’ll post some more and update the blog again later in the week and please don’t forget to follow me on Instagram if you would like to see my regular updates.

Kim x


Our temporary #teambeach London HQ