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Meet #superstar Kerry … from #noexcuses to #nolimits with truly incredible results! #43

“Well, my journey began in July and what an adventure it has been!

Back in 2004, I was 112.9kg. I was a chef for 15 years and in 2004, I returned home from living in the UK bigger than ever. I decided I needed a change so I worked my butt off and lost over 30 with Weight Watchers and while I appreciate what the program did for me, looking back now, it really didn’t teach me how to eat well. As long as you remain within your daily 30 points, you can eat what you like…. and I often did!

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In 2006, I had a career change. Now as a 42 year old shift worker with a job that allows me to see the very worst of human nature and it can take its toll. I guess relaxing with food and wine just became part of life…. Until I saw your post on Facebook. I don’t know why but something attracted me to it. I checked out the web site and liked your theory. The video gave me goosebumps! 

Initially I was skeptical as I was really struggled to loose anything in recent years. I thought I ate quite well generally, had been exercising 6 days a week for years and had even competed in 4 half marathons…. why wasn’t the weight shifting??

Then, after 8 weeks of No Excuses, I felt like a new person. At the end of that program, I lost a massive 7.2kg and I wore a pair of skinny jeans to a Hens night which felt AMAZING!! My husband was smiling at me from ear to ear!!! I had so many compliments and all I could say was…. KIM BEACH is AMAZING! After once being a size 24, I am now a size 12!!!! 

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The Facebook support was AMAZING and I made so many friends.   I truly couldn’t have done it without that beautiful bunch of women. Kim, Anni, Ally and Geraldine are like my online gurus who never mind when you are having a tough day (love you ladies X) 

One amazing lady and I hit it off instantly which resulted in me completing the No Limits program just before Christmas last year. It was tough… physically and mentally but I made it through with results I never expected. I was lifting heavy weights and starting to get definition. I was delighted. After only a week break, I was challenged to start again! After an amazing 16 weeks, I am thrilled with my results and SLOWLY starting to have that better relationship with food. I won’t lie, No Limits is tough but I truly believe if I can do it, anyone can. Anyone can achieve things if they believe they can!!


I finally understand that 80/20 is achievable and the guilt after a “blow out” is less and less. 

If someone asked me last year if I would be squatting 50kg, only 5kg away from the slimmest I have been since at school and had gained some AMAZING new friends, I would have laughed…. BUT its all true!! This program has taught me so much about myself (physically and mentally) but most importantly confirmed that scales are not needed in my life! 

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So, now that that I am so close to my ultimate goal,  my plan is to complete another 8 weeks of No Excuses to finally say goodbye to my last 5kg… After that, stay consistent with the principles for at least 6 days of the week but allow myself to relax a little on days off when I have social stuff happening without guilt I have suffered for so long. 

Would I recommend this program?? Stupid question…. 100% YES. Amazing. My biggest advice to anyone wanting to try it…. DO IT. Be prepared, be positive and use the support! The food is real, healthy and easy to prepare. I love food so refuse to do shakes and packaged rubbish! Kim Beach has changed my life for the better. 

Kerry x”

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing story and results Kerry, you have been phenomenal throughout the program both in terms of your commitment and your support of others in the support groups… I know your story will inspire lots of women to commit to their own new health and fitness journey!

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Kim x