Lucy’s 12kg #noexcuses ‘memo’! #41

As a busy Mum Lucy found herself focusing on her family first but in her words “missed the memo” on her own health and well being. Post #noexcuses she has now said goodbye to 12kg and is looking and feeling amazing…… I am so happy she has decided to share her #superstar story and pics with you x


“It’s an uncomfortable truth to admit I have been unhappy with my weight for nearly ten years. A tendency to solve stress with food, two babies (greasy food was a quick fix for morning sickness) and the busy life of a working parent meant at the start of this program I tipped the scales at 79kgs. A significant weight especially when including my height of a mere 156cms.

I think many of us can relate to making the mistake of a quick fix when the everyday hectic routine becomes overwhelming. As a mum I was very aware of providing healthy nutritious options for my kids. But I missed the memo that I needed this too. At the end of a long day the idea of more time in the kitchen was too much. Anything that could be thrown in the oven and ready in 20 was good enough. When doing our weekly ‘shop’ I would periodically check the aisles for friends and come up with guilty excuses like phantom kids birthday parties/nibblies for pretend guests etc. to explain away the contents of my trolley. I knew I had terrible habits but I felt I didn’t have the time or energy to change them on my own.

I first saw Kim’s facebook advertisement during a January beach holiday (a holiday that had again seen me hiding under a big sarong and despite the heat only briefly entering the water). I was struck by how real she seemed. The #noexcuses tagline seemed to ring in my ears over the next few days whenever I came up with a reason for why this couldn’t be worth trying.

Kim’s program appeared to be for real people with real food. The long list of previous diets I had tried (I am embarrassed to admit this includes the lemondetox) seemed to pale in comparison. No mysterious miracles offered, no magical overnight ‘cures’ just a group of determined women learning how to take the reins to their health again. I have to say I was immediately filled with cautious excitement that I may have accidentally stumbled across the ‘real deal’ to solving the crisis between who I felt like and who I saw in the mirror. Plus the ready to go shopping lists made the weekly ‘shop’ so much easier! I woke my husband at 3am two days later to tell him what I was thinking. His bewildered sleepy response was no deterrent and I purchased the program then and there. At the time I remember wondering how many 4am #seizetheday type transactions Kim receives! I should add, that when not woken at crazy hours to discuss abstract, excitement induced babble the support my husband has provided has been incredible. 

collageI started the program the following Monday (great to have a weekend to stock up on my new found #noexcuses necessary shopping trolley contents). I was blown away by how delicious everything was and how simple the meals were to create. Kim’s program certainly pokes holes in my previous excuse of “I’m too tired to cook anything worth eating”!!! Rice cakes with tuna, avocado and tomato were a stand out favourite, along with the baked salmon.  The variety of food options, bottomless support from other women and Kim’s awesome team meant before too long I was singing Kim’s praises to anyone who would listen!

I’m writing this during my fourth week of #noexcuses round 2. I really believe the principals of this program are here for good so I won’t call these my final results (but they still make me very proud!). I now weigh 66.9kgs! I have discovered a surprising addiction to HIIT exercise (especially metafit), a growing enjoyment of jogging (with the occasional sprint) and am absolutely loving the feeling of excitement and pride as I start to recognise myself in the mirror again.

The strength taking charge of my health has provided me bubbles over into every aspect of my life. Looking back now I can recognise I was more than slightly jaded and was going through life on auto pilot. I am very pleased to say the drive and passion I remember being such a big part of my personality has returned. Thank you Kim and all of the beachfit team, your program has reminded me that I can AND that I’m worth the effort. I cannot wait to start living my life as the ‘real’ me. To the incredibly supportive ladies of the beachfit community, I cant find the words to express how much your support has meant. To anyone considering trialing Kim’s program – JUMP IN, YOU CAN DO IT!!! This is a life changing opportunity filled with bucket loads of real and delicious food, achievable interesting exercise and people willing to drop what they’re doing to support each other – a rare find indeed… Here’s to taking the plunge and kicking our own butts!

Lucy x

Your story is fabulous Lucy, thanks again for sharing as I know it will resonate with lots of women who are ready to make a change.

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my programs will definitely help you achieve your goals! Click here to read all about my programs and please email my team and I on info@kimbeach.com if you have any questions at all.

Kim x