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Meet Naomi My Real #NOLIMITS Superstar! #39

Naomi (2)

How amazing does Naomi look after her 8 week #NOLIMITS journey (So amazing she is now the face of my #nolimits program!)

After putting on some weight after starting a new career which involved shift work, she decided it was time to take charge and get her body back to where she wanted and I am so pleased she chose my #NOLIMITS program to achieve her goal.

Her results on the program were  a loss of 7kg, 8% body fat and 34cm overall…. in Naomi’s words:

“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Kim Beach for her No Limits program, what a change it has made. For me nutrition and exercise has always been a passion of mine, then with starting a new career as a nurse and adapting to shift work, I lost all motivation for exercise and healthy eating as I wasn’t prepared for this big change and as a result i gained unwanted kg’s.

I made a decision that I needed a change and wanted to get back into shape. That’s when I joined up to Kim Beach’s No Limits program. I found the program easy to follow and having a day-to-day meal plan took all the worry out on what to cook. Being a shift worker can make eating healthy tough if you are not prepared. That is my biggest tip for any shift workers is to be PREPARED, this is the key to success. I would cook my meals in advance and store them in the fridge and I would always have a selection of snacks in the fridge. The training program was tough but it got me excited again about training and I got the results I desired.

I lost 7kgs, 8% body fat and 34cms overall, and I am the happiest I have been in a long time, the best part my abs have now made an appearance. I know feel sexy within myself and Love rocking my new bikini. So for anyone wanting to join this program I would highly recommend it as it WORKS. Im loving the new me.

So again thank you so much Kim Beach you are amazing!”

Congratulations Naomi, your results were outstanding, it has been fabulous to get to know you and I love that you said YES to being the new face of my #nolimits program…. you are amazing!!

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Kim x