I LOVE Jacqui’s honest #noexcuses story #37

I LOVE reading stories like Jacqui’s!

#noexcuses changed her lifestyle forever and she has gained so much more than just weight loss!



“I don’t know how to thank you and your amazing team enough. You have transformed my life in more ways than I could have ever expected.

I lost my precious Dad a few months ago and emotional eating had found its way into my everyday life. I was not only grief stricken but also becoming increasingly uncomfortable with my body and how I felt in it.

I happened to stumble across your program on Facebook and thought it would be a good idea and would be helpful in shifting the few excess kilos I wanted to get rid of. Simply yes  the #NOEXCUSES program did this but it also did this and so much more mentally and emotionally.

Before & After #noexcuses

I achieved my goal of shedding the couple of kilos I didn’t want, which was 3.5 but I transformed the shape of my body. I actually can see my abs for the first time ever and even more exciting after having 3 babies!! I have to thank you for the discovery of my passion for weights throughout the 8 weeks. I have loved seeing my body change shape through these exercises.

All aspects including food and  exercises were straight forward, simple and easy to follow. Or if I had any concerns or questions your gorgeous staff via emails or the Facebook group quickly provided answers and we’re always there to help motivate.

I achieved my goal of losing weight but got so much more. I proudly hold my head up high and I have had so many people stop me down the street ( I live in a small town ) and ask me what I’ve been doing. I quickly tell them about you and your program, I can’t recommend it enough.

Jacqui & her beautiful family

Jacqui & her beautiful family

Amidst my dark days you have provided me with the little bit of sunshine I have needed. I admit that at times it wasn’t easy and some days were tough but pushing forward and not looking back provided me with such great success.

So thank you a thousand times over! This has not been an 8 week program for me but a total lifestyle change.

Love Jacqui xx”

Congratulations Jacqui!

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Kim x