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Meet Marni, gorgeous mum of two & 11.3kg down with #noexcuses #32


Marni and her beautiful girls

Meet the gorgeous Marni who recently completed my #noexcuses 8 week program with some truly amazing and inspiring results….down 11.3kg!

She is fitter, healthier and is setting a wonderful example to her two beautiful girls and husband.

Here is her story……..

marni before

Marni before pic

Hi Kim, 

Thanks for the opportunity to share, I’ve been a bit shy about sharing my story but have decided too!

I started program at 69.2 kg

Very unhappy that I had let myself get up to this weight!

I’ve struggled all my life with weight issues from a child but managed to lose 25 kg in my early 20’s and have hovered around 65kg since!

I’ve been fairly active and always trained but could never get the balance right!

Your program has taught me how to balance my eating and training and I’ve never had this success with any other program I’ve tried.

Last September I got my cholesterol results and was horrified that they were high (6) so my main reason to do the program was to see if I could lower this number! 

I completed the program 3 months ago and got down to 58.5 kg 11.3kg loss

Today My cholesterol is down to 4.1 and I’m 59kg as I’m building some muscle but am managing to maintain this healthy weight

I am a school canteen manager and I’m very passionate about healthy eating for kids.

Hopefully I’ve been a good influence on my own kids and the kids at school.

I’m always using the phrase #noexcuses to my friends and family.

I’m now helping my husband to loose a few kilos !! 

This years goal is to build some more muscle but to mainly be fit active and healthy

Thanks so much, love your program 

Marni x

Thanks for sharing Marni, you look fantastic and I know your story will inspire many other women to begin their own health and fitness journey.

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my programs will definitely help you achieve your goals! Click here to read all about my programs and please email my team and I on if you have any questions at all.

Kim x

marni (003)

Looking Fab!

Her journey

Her journey