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Lesley’s Stunning 8kg #noexcuses results! #33

It gives me a huge amount of pleasure to share Lesley’s #noexcuses amazing story with you…..

“8.4kg – How & Why I Chose Kim Beach 

I am your average 38 year old Mum of 3 living on the beautiful Gold Coast.  Although my weight was considered healthy as far as national standards I was never quite satisfied that this was it for me.

I looked for a weight loss program for a few years and tried anything that was going “fad” wise without success long term.  Although I already had an inconsistent exercise routine in place, it really was the nutrition focus that I needed.  I wanted to eat real food first and foremost, but I also wanted flavour.  One of the things I was most impressed with was there was no talk of calorie counting.  Kim’s program had it all laid out and in an easy format to understand, what to eat and what exercise to do that day, easy…

I like most ladies questioned whether I could stick to it and commit to the exercise component but I just jumped right in and off I went.  I found the eating plan suited me and I also chose 8 weeks in the year when there wasn’t much happening in my calendar as to not be tempted to make poor choices.  Although this did happen on occasion, I made great choices and it had no effect on my results.


I am not going to lie; the first week was like having a hangover that didn’t go.  This just proving how much non nutritional food I was feeding my body.  But after the headaches were over I felt fabulous.  I found that the further I went into the program the more determined I was to get amazing results.  My body changed in ways I never thought possible.  My skin was clean and clear, I was never bloated, I was gaining definition all over my body and I felt myself second glancing at myself in the mirror, because I wanted to be certain what I was seeing was right (abs and guns), hehe…

The most amazing part of the program beyond that was the Facebook support with Anni, Geraldine, Kim and most significantly the inspirational women who were smashing it out with you.  No question was too silly and you had answers within minutes.  Without this support, I’m not sure I would have stuck it out.

lesley 4

I am a few months post program now and I still live with the principles of the program, have not gained any weight and I now know should I lose it for a while, I can come back and do it again.  It’s amazing what the completion of this program can do for your confidence.  I am now looking at doing #nolimits next month so I am completely hooked on the Kim Beach philosophies.

I would recommend #noexcuses because it works, it doesn’t cost the earth, the support is phenomenal and it is only 8 weeks.   Not to mention “You are worth it”…  something us Mum’s neglect to say to ourselves..

I am so grateful for you and your team.. I’m forever being inspired by the Kim Beach community.. I’ve made life long friends all over the country, “my people”, such amazing support there..

Lesley x

PS: Here is photo taken at the same spot 5 years apart whilst on holiday on Hamilton Island just this last January …. Different son’s too, but it just shows how well I look…  This is my inspiration photo!!”


I soooo love your story Lesley and I know how hard you worked firstly to lose your post baby weight and then now to get down to where you want to be… it has been amazing to get to know you and you are a true inspiration to so many women in my Beach Fit community!

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, I can definitely help you achieve your goals!   Click here to read all about my app      and please email my team and I on  if you have any questions at all – Kim x