Are you addicted to your scales?!

Do you weigh yourself than once a fortnight (or maybe every day)?

Do you keep your scales permanently in your bathroom?

Is the number on the scales constantly on your mind?

If you have said yes to any of the above then we need to have a serious chat!

One of the single most destructive and detrimental things I have seen when it comes to successful weight loss is when you are constantly weighing yourself on the scales.

Most people keep their scales in the bathroom (as this is where they tend to be naked the most which is when of course they want to jump on the scales at your lightest)…… If this sounds like you I want you to go into your bathroom right now pick up said scales and go put them in your cupboard or wardrobe as high up as possible!!

If weight loss is your goal you should only be weighing yourself weekly at the most …in my 8 week programs I actually suggest 3 weigh in’s on weeks 1,4 & 8.

Here are the 3 key reasons why your scales need to go into the cupboard after you have finished reading this blog!

  1. Scales can dictate your emotions

We are women and we are emotional beings but its not fair to consistently be up or down depending on a number looking back at you between your feet.

There are so many factors which can effect that number that you are really not being fair to yourself if you let it dictate your emotions and your mood.

We are humans and our body weight is going to fluctuate at any time so what is important is actually focusing on the things that will help you lose weight, being the process, rather than the outcome.

If you commit to the process and are being consistent then your weight will reduce and you can be confident about this without needing the scales as daily reassurance.

Unfortunately what tends to happen is that you can eat well and train hard for 3 or 4 and then expect to see instant results on the scales. When this doesn’t  happen it can be extremely demotivating and catapult  you into a bad mood or even behaviour that is detrimental to what you are trying to achieve in the first place.

You need to be strong enough and confident that what you are doing is going to result in the weight loss that you want and look forward to jumping on the scales every fortnight or so to see the outcome of all your hard work.

  1. They are not necessarily giving you the whole story

Of course I am talking about when you are jumping onto the scales every couple of days. It could be that time of the month, retaining fluid, it could be you are building muscle or it could be that your body just didn’t want to lose any weight this week despite your best efforts…..It doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing the wrong things.

The flip side of this is that maybe you have had a couple of days when you have been off track and might have gained a kilo or two and the scales are going to reflect this….. It doesn’t take long for this to make you feel like a failure and send your whole journey off course.

If you have had a couple of days off track the worst thing you can do is jump onto the scales and the best thing you can do is make sure are prepped and organised and stay consistent over the next 4 to 5 days. Then when you do weigh yourself at the end of the week or fortnight you are not going to jump on the emotional roller coaster again.

Woman clutching bathroom scales


  1. It is the PROCESS that is important

As I mentioned above the scales will be an indicator of how successful you have been in implementing the process of weight loss. That process should be based around regular exercise, eating whole natural foods and above all else staying consistent.

No one is perfect and you should not have an expectation of this, but you should expect to be consistent as this is the one thing in common I have seen in every successful long term weight loss journey.

You need to trust this process and believe in yourself and jumping on the scales thinking ‘OMG I have just gained ½ kilo’ is not going to help this process at all.

Base your progress on how you feel….once you start exercising and eating whole natural foods you should start to feel amazing, you will sleep better and there are lots of other benefits to enjoy along the way.

Another great indicator of your progress is how your clothes feel. Many times your shape will start to change before you actually start to lose weight and this is not just at the start, so think about how your clothes are fitting as a great indicator of your success.


I hope I have explained some of the reasons why your scales need to reside in a cupboard somewhere and definitely not in your bathroom.

If you want to lose weight successfully and keep it off long term you need to focus on doing the process right and staying consistent not on the number between your feet.

If you do this I promise you that when you finally get those scales down from the wardrobe and jump on, you are going to love the number you see (don’t forget to put them in the wardrobe afterwards) and they will reflect your awesome consistent efforts!

Kim x

PS: If you want to learn more about the process for sustainable weight loss,please watch my introduction video below and then click here to read more about my #noexcuses 8 week weight loss program which will give you a fantastic starting point for your weight loss journey.

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