Why you simply have to try Joanne’s Chicken, Feta & Strawberry Roulade

Joanne's Chicken Strawberry & Feta RouladeIf you haven’t heard already I have this AMAZING private group called my ‘#BeachFit Community’. This group serious rocks and it is full of wonderful women from all over Australia who are all passionate about health and fitness (Click here to sign up, its 100% free and great fun!)

Its a place where you can share your health & fitness journey and talk to others in a safe and positive environment and also take part in my weekly challenges (which also come with some fantastic prizes!).

Mostly the #BeachFit challenges are fitness based but every once in a while we do a cooking and nutrition challenge and this is where this incredible recipe comes from!

80% of maintaining the weight you want comes down to what you eat but lots of people I talk to still focus all their efforts on their training. Its one of my challenges in life to try and change this attitude and encourage people to think about fueling their bodies properly as a first priority…but thats a story for another day.

So back to Joanne , our challenge winner!

#BeachFit Challenge number 3 was all about creating a healthy dish using Chicken, Feta and Strawberries and Joanne absolutely nailed it with this masterpiece!

She was the clear winner and part of the prize was featuring the recipes on my website so please click here to download it now.

Congratulations Joanne, I know that everyone is going to love your dish, it looks stunning on the plate (and a little fancy) but its simple to make and will impress the pants off your friends and family.

Kim x

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