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Deb’s Amazing 11.4kg #NOEXCUSES Results! #25

DebWhat I love about Deb’s story is its so real, a busy mum who wanted to be fitter and healthier to set an example for her 3 gorgeous boys… below is her story and her amazing transformation pics

“Hi Kim……I did it!!!!! I just completed your 8 week #NOEXCUSES program! Super excited!
I chose your #noexcuses program as I had seen many ladies on your Facebook page getting fabulous results. I did some further investigation and absolutely loved the fact I could eat real food, not shakes, I also loved seeing I could eat 5 meals a day and carbs were included. Loved the fact I didn’t have to think about what to eat and when and how to train.
I wanted to lose weight and get fitter for several reasons. The obvious one was to look and feel better. I also was in the greatly increased risk for type 2 diabetes due to my waist measurement, this was a huge motivator. I also wanted to be a happier, healthier, fitter mum for my 3 gorgeous, young boys and be a good role model.

Deborah 3I won’t lie and say my #noexcuses journey was smooth sailing and perfect but it did get a lot easier as the weeks ticked by. In the beginning I was overwhelmed, as to be expected when changing old habits. It didn’t take long for me to find my groove and form better, lifelong habits. I absolutely loved the food and enjoyed the workouts, although had to step out of my comfort zone with the weights as I have never been a weights person. The support from all the wonderful ladies via the Facebook page has been amazing and has honestly kept me on track!

Deborah 2I had to overcome a few obstacles along the way, 2 rounds of illness, sick children, a hubby with man flu, soreness after my first weights session etc. My highlight was the 4 days I spent away celebrating my sister’s 40th. When I started I knew this trip was in week 5, I thought I would just have 4 days off the program, my habits and mindset had changed so much that by the time I had my trip I organised extra luggage for my flight and packed as much food as I could and just made good, healthy choices while eating out. This was a HUGE change in my mindset over such a short period of time! I never gave up, even when I wanted to, I kept pushing through, such an empowering feeling!
I set myself a very big goal of 10kg to lose in the 8 weeks , knowing I would still ideally have 2-3 more kg to lose post program. I also wanted to reduce my waist measurement significantly. I’m super happy I was able to lose 11.4kg and 13cm from my waist! I have gone from size 14 to size 10.
I can honestly say I never thought at 38 years of age I could feel this awesome! I have so much more energy, I’m happier, fitter, stronger, my skin feels amazing, I sleep like a baby, I wake up early (so not me) feeling happy and excited to greet a new day and have turned into a morning exerciser BY CHOICE not necessity!!!!!! Most importantly I feel this program has put me back in the driver seat in my own life, I now have the tools, control and knowledge to live a healthy, more fulfilled life.

Deborah 1I honestly would recommend the #noexcuses program to anyone and have done! If you are considering this program just do it! I thought about it for months waiting……making excuses not to start, so glad I have done it, my body is thanking me big time, so will yours!
I cannot thank you enough kim, for this amazing program, what a gift. Myself, my boys and my hubby thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful opportunity. Also, a big thanks to your supporting, encouraging team Anni, Ally and Geraldine.
Thanks again, Deb xx”

Fantastic work Deb, can’t to hear about your progress in 2016.

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Kim x