The Importance Of Being A Great Role Model By Lauren Hannon


One of the BIGGEST compliments I received was from one of my clients who brought her two daughters to her PT session in the school holidays. She messaged me after saying: “the girls really look up to you and I could not think of someone better for them to aspire to be like”. That is a POWERFUL message.

It’s comments like that, which made me want to write this. I don’t want to see a young girl obsessing over what her body looks like, I want to see her challenging herself with her abilities and expanding her skills. Climb a rope, learn gymnastics, play an instrument, be active, be confident, be healthy and have fun.
I think to a degree, times have changed in terms of who we see as role models or perhaps it’s just my perception. When I was younger if you were to refer to a “role model” you would generally reference someone famous or an athlete – someone you didn’t know. These days it seems much more common to find role models that are involved in our lives and that makes perfect sense to me. I’m surrounded by people who inspire me on a daily basis. It pushes me to be better. To be honest I’ve never really labelled them as “role models” in my own mind but if they are inspiring me to be the best me I can be, then that will tick the box.
A good role model has high moral values and they practice what they preach. You can almost guarantee they’ve had their own share of obstacles or hard times. They’ve had to grind to get where they are but that’s what sets them apart from the person who didn’t have to work as hard for it. They inspire others to strive towards their goals. They help us to see the possibilities
within ourselves.

So it’s time to be mindful of who we are inspiring. Could be someone looking up to you and you were not even aware of it. Children especially pick up on EVERYTHING so, following on from my last post about removing negative self talk, be aware of the way in which you say things out loud. A good role model is a optimist. Be optimistic, no one wants to be a pessimist, if you catch yourself saying something negative stop and think how can you rephrase it? Negative thoughts can destroy your life. Negative words can impact on other people. The things you think about repeatedly, end up becoming your beliefs.

The power of positive thinking is a real thing. Start paying attention to your own thoughts and really make an effort to eliminate negative thoughts and watch your outlook change. Challenge yourself to a day where you do not complain about one single thing. Replace a complaint with gratitude, immediately find something to be thankful for. See if you feel
better by the end of the day. You may be surprised, this stuff actually works!

We should all learn to have healthy appreciation of our achievements. You can be confident without being arrogant, learn to know the difference. Have pride in who you are and what you’ve learned in your lifetime.

Start today,become a good role model for your kids, other people’s kids and the entire younger generation.

Loz x

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