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33 Kilos Gone In 12 months… You Have To Read Liz’s Increbible #NOEXCUSES Story #22


If you need some inspiration or motivation, Liz’s story will give you plenty!

12 months ago she was 95kg, unhappy and starting to have some serious health issues. 12 months later she has shed a truly amazing 33 kilos and is maintaining this with a fantastic new healthy lifestyle which includes competing in triathlons, something she never thought was ever possible.

Here is Liz’s story in her own words:

Liz 1

“Hi Kim
Last September 2014, I was 95 kg, and feeling unhappy about my appearance.  My heart was under pressure and I was having intermittent chest pain. It was time to do something about my health. I had tried fad diet plans previously and they worked for a while but I didn’t stick to them because of food boredom. And I always regained the weight.

How did I get like this! I was addicted to sugar and had the mindset that I  am overweight so one more bit won’t hurt. It was time to really focus on my health or I wouldn’t be here to enjoy my 4 kids as an active mother. I wrote a list of goals including to be fit and healthy by 50. I kept seeing Kim Beach pop up on my face book page. So I did a heap of research and decided to give no-excuses a go. The food and exercise looked like something I could manage.

I committed to being refined sugar free and ate strictly to the no-excuses eating plan. I became more aware of the research behind eating the correct way and really enjoyed the food. With the healthy diet, the weight kept falling off. I worked my self up to full exercise sessions. I loved that I could ask for information anytime and had constant support through Kim Beach’s’ support page.  I loved the inspiring stories others wrote. I loved that people commented on my statuses to keep me motivated.

Five months on and feeling great, I had lost 25kg by committing to no-excuses, I was loving the exercise. Time to move onto no-limits. I lost more weight and started to build some muscle. By the time I turned 50, 7 months after starting my journey, I had lost 30kg and felt great.

Now, 12 months after the beginning of my journey, I have maintained my weight at 62kg and I still follow the eating principles. I love the food and rarely splurge on sugary treats. But if I do, I have the power to move forward and not beat myself up. I exercise almost everyday, doing weights, running and group classes. I  feel great, both physically and mentally. I am about to do my second triathlon and feel so proud. I especially love that I can wear flattering clothes and people comment on my appearance.

I totally recommend the no-excuses plan. It truly works.


What I love most about Liz’s story is how she realized that it was a genuine lifestyle change that she needed and she was able to use both my programs to help her achieve this.

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Kim x