My Best Balls Ever!


Choc Mint Protein Balls

For a while now I have been trying to perfect the perfect protein ball…., I started making these years ago and recently they have become extremely popular especially in local cafes as a healthier snack option.

So after spending an afternoon making batches of the ball mixture and tweaking each one I did it! These balls taste amazing and are jam packed full of nutrients.

Protein balls are a fantastic portable snack in saying that you need to remember they are healthy but they still need to be viewed as a treat, consuming too many too often will effect your results negatively if your goal is weight loss. The best time to have these is directly before or after a weights session or occasionally as a treat. In saying that if you normal treat is a mars bar or ice cream theses balls are the perfect substitution if your goal is to improve your relationship with food! x

Click here to download my amazing new recipe for Choc Mint Protein Balls x