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Meet the Gorgeous Charlotte, my latest #noexcuses superstar…. 42 years old, Bikini Ready & Loving Life! #21


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I know that so many of you are going to relate to Charlotte….a yo-yo dieter who tried every fad on the market finding herself low on energy and in her words ‘despondent’.

8 weeks later with #noexcuses and she feels in control of her training and food and is well on the way to achieving her goals!

Thank you for sharing your story Charlotte, I know you will inspire many women who are in exactly the same situation as you were and I love that you are now showing off your new bikini body.

Here is amazing Charlotte’s story……

Before #noexcuses

Before #noexcuses

“I wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your fantastic team, your program has made the world of difference to my life.

I have been what can only be described as a yo-yo dieter for most of my adult life, I have tried different diets, diet fads, weight loss clubs and haven’t stuck with any of them.

I found a love for running after doing the couch to 5k running plan 3 years ago, I lost some excess weight but was struggling to progress due to my low energy levels.

Soon life changed due to my husbands new job and our subsequent house move and I fell out of my healthy eating and running regime and put the weight back on.

Towards the end of last year, I tried to get back into it, only to find I was still low on energy when I was running but this time, I wasn’t losing any weight.

I basically wanted to know what to eat on a daily basis to progress with my running and to lose a few kilos, however, a trip to a dietitian didn’t give me that. I was feeling very despondent.

After 8 Weeks of #NOEXCUSES

After 8 Weeks of #NOEXCUSES

Quite a while ago, a friend on Facebook had liked the Kim Beach Facebook page and I had looked at it briefly but wasn’t sure if it was going to be for me and I didn’t take it any further but luckily, your page came up in my news feed again and I thought I should take another look and after seeing a lady called Simone’s before and after photos I felt completely inspired and decided your #no excuses program would make a great 42nd birthday present to myself.

I wish I’d done it sooner is all I can say! I have finally found what I was looking for. I love the program and would recommend it to anyone trying to get their healthy lifestyle on track.

It’s taught me such a lot about myself and I’ve learnt above all else, never give up. I used to think if I’d had a bad day and eaten junk that I may as well keep doing that but now I realise it’s OK if things don’t go to plan but just don’t give up and let go of your dreams and hard work.

I’ve realised that actually I am in control of all of this, something that seems so obvious but I’ve always managed to blame everything else going on in my life for my bad choices, when actually I hold the key.


I have actually enjoyed pushing myself with the training too, something I never thought I’d say and I intend to make that my focus in the coming weeks, as well as continuing to lose a few more kilos.

I am so glad I discovered your program and thank you for helping me move forward with my goals and making me feel completely different about training and what I’m capable of.

I love the #no excuses Facebook page, the support has been amazing and is a fantastic place to share your highs and lows without being judged. There are some truly amazing ladies on there and I wish them every success on their fitness journeys.

This is only the start of my journey but you have really made a huge impact on my life, thank you so so much.

Charlotte x


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Kim x