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See How Natalie Rocked #NOLIMITS! #17


We are all made up differently and not everyone has a lot of weight to lose. Instead your journey might be able building muscle or just feeling better about yourself. This was the case for Natalie who posted her results to my FB page last week (and I am so glad she did!!).

What I love most about Natalie’s story is that my #nolimits program taught her how to fuel her body properly and not just for 8 weeks, but to learn positive habits that are going to benefit her for the rest of her life. Thanks for sharing Natalie – you look amazing and I know you feel amazing too!

Here is Natalie’s story in her own words

“I am two weeks past the finish now, and this is the best I have ever felt! 

I have always wanted to change my habits of just eating too much crap, drinking too much, and becoming a “cardio bunny” just to reverse the calories I had consumed. Exhausting cycle! 

I started this program to kick my bad habits and terrible lifestyle. I was sinking into a depression and finding it difficult to shake. But I was drawn to this program because it is realistic, honest, and states that there is no “quick fix”…. That results come through hard work and proper nutrition! And the support network is great – real people getting real results. Your plan was easy to follow, you are never left hungry, which is a bonus! But the most amazing part for me was the muscle that you can also build ! Your plan incorporates fun exercises and really burns your muscles all over – and there is FAR less cardio than I was doing already! Less time in gym – but better results ! A delicious breakfast in the mornings to fuel the day – and plenty of protein for muscle recovery. I learnt that carbs aren’t bad if the right ones are used at the right time – and mostly what “portion control” is. And I love eating every 3 – 4 hours.  

Even with a shoulder injury half way through, I kept up the nutrition and STILL got results. I can do everything again now and as the weeks go by my body is still changing – unbelievable. 

Two weeks after the plan and I am continuing the eating habits with some raw delicious treats here and there, and still going strong! My habits have changed completely – but most of all I feel far more confident and happy as a person 🙂 

I have lost a couple of kgs, but have gained tone and tightened muscles. My pants which were well fitted before are now loose.  

Thank you Kim for the enjoyable and easy to follow program – I am very happy and will continue to live a good lifestyle ! No limits – you rock! 🙂 

Nat x

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Kim x