How to make my yummy chia seed slice!

I love chia seeds so I was really excited to create this simple and quick Chia Seed Slice…. Lots of nutritional value and oh soooo yummy with a morning or an afternoon tea or coffee! My recipe and many more like it can be found on Woolworths new ‘Guide to Goodness’ Hub on their website. This hub features lots of great information about their Macro range as well as facts about healthy recipe ingredients and their health benefits!

These small seeds are a true superfood as their nutritional value is high and they will provide you with an abundance of energy.

Here are some benefits of having Chia seeds in your life:

  • They are great to throw on top of cereals, salads or smoothies.
  • They hold up to 9 times their weight and expand into a gel like substance which makes them perfect for thickening meals. They can also be used as a binding agent (replacing an egg) and they make wonderful desserts! Click for my chia pudding recipe
  • If you are vegetarian incorporating chia seeds into your meals is a great way to add protein. They are great to keep you satisfied which is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight.
  • Chia seeds are naturally gluten free
  • Unprocessed whole grain food which is so versatile
  • Plant based protein
  • They are easily absorbed by the body and digested.
  • Contain antioxidants
  • Great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which is great for avoiding cravings, especially in the early afternoon when your blood sugar can dip a little.
  • Chia seeds contain 5 times more calcium then milk
  • The fibre content of chia seeds is high.
  • Great at providing your body with energy

As you can see these versatile small seeds can make a fantastic impact on your health!

Click play below to see how easy this slice is to make in my short ‘how to’ video

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To download the full recipe please click here.

Have a look at the slice below….ready to be eaten!

Chia Ingredients Chia Slice







Stay healthy

Kim x


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