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How Rebecca rediscovered her confidence AND her six pack! #9

Some emails that I receive from people who have completed my programs need no introduction, this is one of those emails….thank you Rebecca for being amazing and sharing your story and pics x

“Dear Kim

I just wanted to say thank you for delivering a fantastic program that has empowered me in ways I never thought possible.  With so many diets and new forms of exercise currently on the market, it was almost like information overload and I didn’t know where to start. I found your blog on Facebook and thought it was refreshing to see someone offering wholesome foods and a challenging yet achievable exercise program.

Three years ago I managed to put on a whopping 27 kilograms whilst pregnant with my son. I took a year to lose the weight but my shape had completely changed. I have always had womanly curves but I was storing the majority of my weight on my muffin top.

It’s funny, I had lots of people telling me how well I bounced back and how slim I was but I was not feeling good within myself. I was wearing every shape tightening, body sculpting, slimming piece of undergarment I could get my hands on.

I would wear those t-shirt belts so that if my jeans dropped down my muffin top wouldn’t pic 2show. I was just so uncomfortable with myself and my husband was forever telling me to stop fidgeting with my clothes! I was feeling like a fraud and it was one thing to be fooling other people about my body shape but I wasn’t fooling myself anymore. I was OVER me!

So about six months ago I got into triathlons and was really challenging myself. Big ticks for accomplishing these things for myself but It wasn’t changing my shape. I made the common mistake of becoming the cardio queen and then going to the gym and being completely intimidated by the “meat pit”. So many men occupied the weights section at my gym and though they were doing nothing wrong I would use that as my excuse to stick to the perimeter.

Do the same old arm exercises and leave or not turn up or come up with some excuse to cut short my sessions or skip them completely! My legs were sore, I don’t have time, the weather is bad…I need to wash my hair! You name it I would find it.

So a few months back I had a good hard look at myself  and decided to take the plunge…I was signing up for #nolimits.

I will admit the first week was mentally tough. I was constantly thinking about food and was staring at the clock waiting for my next meal. And I was very upset with myself on the second week when I was contemplating stopping. If my husband had of given me just the slightest excuse to back out…i would have. But, bless him, he didn’t. He reminded me why I was doing this and what I was trying to achieve. From there on I found that whatever I thought was ‘my limit’, I pushed through and found a whole new one. It was actually liberating!

Pic 3So from week three onwards I stopped thinking about what I couldn’t have and looked at the yummy food I could have...changing the mindset helped me immensely. I was looking forward to meals and then the exercises just suddenly got easier. I never added extra sessions or when above the set number of reps. I followed it consistently and was amazed how much my body reacted to the exercises in just eight weeks.

I feel so in control of my eating and dare I say it but actually proud of my shape which is something I have NEVER felt before. I am still a size ten, the same as I was before and I have only lost five kilos but for me this was always about me and the way I felt about myself. I love the way my body feels and looks and I don’t feel like I am trying to fool anyone…And I am throwing out those body shapers and embracing my body! 

I can honestly say I have learnt more in the last eight weeks about food then I have in my previous 34 years. I will be sticking by the food principles and now that I finally know what I am doing at the gym, I go in there with direction and purpose.…and it’s not so intimidating. I have actually made some new gym buddies in that Meat Pit who have even commented on the changes in my body!

Thank you for giving me back my confidence and allowing me to feel good about me. The support and ongoing encouragement is just fantastic and exactly what I needed to keep focused on my goals and remain consistent!

Rebecca xx”

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Kim x