How My Programs can help you take control of your Health, Weight, Nutrition and Fitness

I think everyone should set firm goals when it comes to their health and fitness. Being strong fit and healthy makes such a positive difference to your life but I know that sometimes starting the journey can be daunting with so much conflicting advice out there.

I believe in eating real food, training regularly and keeping things as simple as possible. It’s not rocket science but you do need to follow some basic principles and rules if you want to be successful long term. My programs are designed to teach you these in a way that you can integrate into your everyday life forever.

I understand It can also be intimidating and scary stepping out of your comfort zone which is why my programs offer professional real time support (not an auto response email or frequently asked questions) and walk you through EVERY meal and EVERY training session EVERY DAY throughout your journey.

Make 2019 the year that you finally take control and lose those unwanted kilos or when you commit to taking your training to the next level and getting back those abs or that pre-baby body?

Whatever your goals, here is how my programs can help you reach them….

Yummy San Choi Bau that is a favourite dish in my programs!

What is my new App Program?

My App is designed to give you all the tools you need to live a fit, healthy and happy life plus tick off all of your goals along the way. It is perfect for you if you have completed my programs in the past, are currently doing multiple rounds of #noexcuses or are looking to start your journey along with an amazing community of like-minded women all over the world.

When I was designing the app I wanted to take all the best parts of my programs and wrap them up in a user friendly way which also regularly provides new meals, new training and the ability to be totally flexible when it comes to changing your goals and the way you want to eat, all in easy to follow 28 day stages.

Within KimBeachLife you will receive all of this and more:

  • Choice of 3 ongoing nutrition & training programs based on your goals: Weight Loss, Maintain & Shred. This means you can change your goals at any time and challenge yourself in new and different ways.
  • Access to over 700+ new meals including pictures, recipe/cooking instructions & shopping lists. I spent 2 months last year personally creating, cooking and photographing these – if you love the food on my programs, you will LOVE the food in my App.
  • The app offers specific Vegan, Vegetarian eating plans as well as well as balanced options.
  • Real time professional support from experienced Personal Trainers based in Australia, New Zealand & the UK, through my dedicated private Facebook groups. The support group is truly amazing and will keep you inspired every single day!
  • Daily training programs (weights and cardio) including video tutorials featuring both home & gym exercises, all within the App and at your finger tips.
  • Easily track, record & share your progress through each 28-day stage.
  • Features where you can change you training around, swap any meals you don’t love and reset back to day 1 anytime.
  • Choose to stay for 8 weeks or as long as you like

Click here to read more about my app program 

What are my original 8 week programs?

These are both 8 weeks in length. #NOEXCUSES is designed specifically for weight loss and #NOLIMITS for people that are already used to training hard in the gym and want to shred down.

#NOEXCUSES and #NOLIMITS both have gym and home training options available so you can train from home or at the gym, whatever suits you best.

The most popular program by far is #NOEXCUSES as most people want to lose a few kilos (or maybe a lot) but more importantly learn how this is done sustainably (which is why I loathe fad diets as they cannot be implemented long term and whilst you might lose a few kilos short term, they can do real damage to your metabolism). Both programs are designed for busy people, the food is simple and easy to prepare and the workouts practical and effective.

The programs are very different and they are designed to achieve different goals. As a rule if you are used to training hard, have less than 5kg to lose and are ready for a super intense 8 week weights based challenge, choose #NOLIMITS. If you want to lose weight in a sustainable way and train at a moderate level then #NOEXCUSES is for you.

Both programs are priced at AUD$99.95 which includes the 100+page PDF program (delivered via simple download, you can order a beautifully bound printed copy for just an extra AUD$39.95 if you choose after you sign up) and membership to my amazing private support groups on Facebook. 

NB: My 8 week programs are perfect if you prefer things on paper – if you love the idea of an app then please choose my app program (it contains everything included in my 8 week programs)

What (real support) can I expect to receive on your program?

My groups are staffed daily by my team (based in the Australia and the UK)  and I who are all qualified personal trainers and dedicated to providing you with the most personalized experience possible, you can ask questions anytime with confidence and also share your journey with lots of other women just like you. I am really proud of the support provided in the group and here is what some ladies who joined recently had to say about them…

” I’ve never quite experienced a group with so much support and encouragement on a daily basis and the professional support from the team is outstanding and makes you feel like a million dollars” – Caroline

“I’ve done other programs before but Kim Beach is by far the best thing I’ve ever done and will carry through my life as its now become a lifestyle for me” – Meg

I never expected just how much support and encouragement I would get from the online group! It was so wonderful to have that daily support and contact with a group of like minded women on a similar journey! They became my tribe” – Sharon

What is your approach to nutrition  what if I have specific food needs?

I believe in eating real food, as fresh as possible and preferably nothing processed that comes in a packet. My programs embrace all food groups but I am big on making sure you are eating the right foods at the right times of day to maximize your results. All the ingredients can be bought at a normal supermarket and with a bit of prep in the weekend all the meals can be cooked in about 5 minutes. If you have specific food needs, we can easily provide you with a list of substitutions so the food plan meets your needs. We have has lots of vegetarians on the programs and people with allergies or a dislike for things like fish! Recipes are provided in the program where needed and you can look at the sample days of the programs here or you can simply email my team anytime and ask for sample program and ask any questions you have.

Do the programs cater for different fitness levels?

Absolutely,all my programs are flexible enough for all fitness levels (just ask my team in the group if you think you want to make changes) and the home program is perfect if you want to train away from the crowds or struggle to get access to a gym. 

How do I access support?

Straight after you join you will receive an email from me with an invitation to join my private Facebook group. The groups are amazing and I spend a lot of my day answering questions in the groups. They are also really supportive and have a real sense of community which I love. I always get told by people that have successfully completed my programs that the groups were one of the best parts of the programs that kept them focused and motivated.  

Who am I and what is Team #beachfit?

I am a mum of two young children who became a certified trainer back in 2002 (read my bio here)! Today I get to share with passion for fitness and health with tens of thousands of women all over Australia, New Zealand, the UK and around the world through BeachFit community and my online training and nutrition programs.

What kind of results have people achieved on the programs?

I love nothing more than see the fantastic results people achieve through my programs (both mentally and physically) I call them my #superstars!

Below you can see the amazing 24kg results Erin achieved, click here to read her inspiring story

Erin before her #noexcuses journey

Erin 24kg down and feeling fabulous!

Below is the stunning Paula, who say goodbye to over 33kg and is looking and feeling like a completely different person, click here to read her incredible story!

Paula, after saying goodbye to an incredible 33kg on my #noexcuses program

Click here to read Paula’s journey in her own words…

You can also click here to see all of my amazing success stories.

I hope I have explained what to expect from my programs.

If you have any questions at all about the programs, please email info@kimbeach.com anytime, we will get back to you straight away and you can also request a sample of the program to be sent to you or you can downbload one easily by clicking on the links below.

If you are ready to start your own weight loss or health & fitness journey, my programs will definitely help you achieve your goals!   Click here to read all about my programs  and please email my team and I on   info@kimbeach.com  if you have any questions at all – Kim x

Kim x