How to look (and feel) better naked!

Kim MarchI regularly work with people who really don’t need to lose any weight. They are in a healthy weight range but they come to me because they want to ‘look better naked’.

I know this is going to be a controversial subject as there is a very compelling argument that says you should just be happy in the ‘skin you are in’ (and for the record I wholeheartedly agree with this in essence) but I also see nothing wrong with eating well, training hard, feeling great as a result and being happy when you look in the mirror in the mornings!

A lot of the clients that have said this to me have been amazing ladies in their 20’s, 30′ and 40’s who have had kids and were finally making time for themselves. I know exactly what they mean when they say they want to look good ‘naked’ but I think it’s more than that…. I think liking what you see in the mirror is one thing, but by doing the things necessary to shape and change your body, you will become healthier all around and generally feel more positive about your life.

There are really only two ways you can change and shape your body (and sustain this over time) and they really have to be done at the same time. You need to change your eating habits and exercise regularly… it sounds simple enough but it can become complicated depending on what you want to achieve. For example I would have a different program for someone who wants to lose 30KG than I would for someone who wanted to lose a couple of kg and build some muscle.

Today we are talking about at looking and feeling better naked , if you are already in a healthy weight range, which really involves shaping your body and building muscle whilst reducing your body fat. The first thing I do with my clients is to get them lifting weights, so many women are scared of doing this but it is the one thing that will give you some beautiful shape that you will never achieve via cardio alone.

I am not taking about getting ripped like a fitness model (trust me I’ve done this and generally speaking it takes months of hard work and dedication to look like this for just a very short period of time), I’m talking about having fuller shoulders, a leaner tummy, a tighter butt and more defined legs, all the things that will make you look great naked, not to mention amazing in a dress and heels!

The second thing I do is start asking people to eat more regularly. Being prepared is key here but you really should be eating at least 4 small meals a day. A society we have become accustomed to having a small breakfast (sometimes none at all) and then our meals slowly increase in size with dinner normally the biggest meal that we have just before we go to bed… Ask yourself if this makes sense when it comes to achieving the body shape you want?

Smaller meals consumed throughout the day, having our carbs, fats and proteins at the right time is the key to getting our metabolism moving in the right direction.

People come to me wanting to achieve a certain things, looking good naked is just one of them.

What I hope people learn above all else is that eating well and training hard can be powerful and positive influence on your life, not just in changing how you look, but most of all how it can make you feel amazing on the inside. For information on my new 8 week programs that will have you looking amazing in your birthday suit click here for #NOEXCUSES and click here for #NOLIMITS.

Stay Fabulous

Kim x