Check out my 12 gym bag essentials…..

12 GYM BAGIs your gym bag bursting at the seams with everything but the kitchen sink?

When you are juggling work, kids, family and your own training you need to have everything on hand at a moment’s notice including some pain relief that can help you get through your sessions when you are not feeling 100%.

In a perfect world we would all make time to relax more and get a weekly massage so our bodies always felt great when we train, but if you are anything like me the reality is that there are times when you are sore and just have to get through your workout, this is why one of my gym bag essentials is Nurofen Zavance.

When you train your muscles can get tight and stressed, especially if you do a lot of resistance type training like I do, and when this happens it can easily turn into a headache. It’s a natural misconception that common headaches are caused in the head whereas they may be caused from stress and pressure in your shoulder, neck and back muscles. I like to train really hard when I am at the gym and this normally means I am trying to lift as heavy as I can in each session.

Recently I woke up after a heavy chest and back session and I literally could not move my neck and the pain in my head was unbearable. I took some normal type pain relief and in my experience nothing was working; I was in agony for almost a week and couldn’t train at all. It wasn’t until I finally decided to see my physio that the pain started to subside.

So including some quality pain relief, here are my 12 gym bag essentials:

1) Gloves – Keep my hands protected when lifting heavy

2) Lip Gloss – No explanation necessary

3) Headphones – Helps me focus with an awesome playlist

4) Towel – Very important in any gym environment

5) Hand Sanitizer – I don’t have the time to get sick

6) iPad – keeps my kids occupied while I work out

7) Drink Bottle – Important to stay hydrated during sessions

8) Protein Shake – I have this ready to go straight after my workout

9) Kids lunchbox – Inevitably my kids will get hungry mid session

10) Phone – So I do some work between sets

11) Pen – I like to record everything I do

12) Nurofen Zavance – The source of headache pain may be the muscles in your neck and head. Target headaches at the source of pain fast

So there you have it, my 12 gym bag essentials and hopefully some help with how to get on with training when you are not 100%.

Stay fabulous

Kim x


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Full Mandatories/Disclaimers: • Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use could be harmful. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. For the temporary relief of pain and/or inflammation • Nurofen Zavance is absorbed up to twice as fast as standard Nurofen • Bendtsen 2011, Curr Pain Headache Rep, Pgs 451, 451, 456; Headache Classif’n Committee of IHS , Cephalgia 2013, Pg 659; Bendtsen 2009, pg 527; Fernandez-de-las-Penas C et al Cephalgia 2007, pgs 383, 386, 387; Schachtel B, Furey S and Thoden W. Non prescription iburpfoen and acetaminophen in the treatment of tension-type headache, J clin pharmacol 1996; 36: 1120-1125