All I want for Christmas is ….. a new booty?

collageOK, so if I am totally honest you probably can’t get a new one in time for Christmas, but today I will share with you what it actually takes to significantly improve the shape of your behind!

I base this on my own personal experience over the years and also helping lots of other who have wanted to firm up in that area!

As you know if you read my blog I am definitely a committed fan of having a strong, healthy & fit physique rather than worrying about being skinny, thin or what the scales might say.

I love that this new way of thinking about our bodies is slowly being embraced by the world and people are realizing that being fit and healthy is much more important than being a size 6 or looking ‘skinny’.

As you start to weight train regularly you will notice your shape starting to change, especially your bum. When I first got back into  training a few years ago I was slightly apprehensive as traditional thinking says that we want our bums to be smaller right? So when my new friend turned up I was a little worried at first, but as time has gone on I have slowly but surely fallen in love with having some ‘junk in the trunk’. I feel stronger, my posture is better and everything back there is a lot firmer and tighter, albeit bigger, not to mention how good it feels to have some shape in that area!

Now you might not want to be the new Kim Kardashian or J-Lo but if you do want to improve your shape back there, here are some suggestions on how to approach it:

Train legs twice a week – your leg muscles (glutes, hamstrings and quads) are the largest muscle group in your body. You have to train your legs hard – and long cardio session are not the answer.

Ensure you get the full range of motion during each repetition – no cheating and yes it will hurt and yes you will want to give up but remember a session that doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.

The eccentric movement (the movement that is opposite to exerting) has to be nice and slow –somewhere around 3-4 seconds per rep, for example with squats, as your bum lowers towards the floor this has to be slow, and then power up.

Focus on 3-4 exercises per session – don’t try too many different exercises, instead really challenge yourself on 3-4 and improve each workout by increasing reps or weight.

Core switched on – Your core will get a great workout as well during your leg workout – be mindful to switch your core on during each set to ensure your lower back is properly supported.

Here is an example of my leg work out from this week. I am still sore and it’s been three days, but I know my body has been challenged and is now recovering and getting stronger.

  • 200 barbell lunges
  • 4 sets of barbell floor squats
  • 4 sets of dead lifts
  • HIIT 10 X 60 sec sprints / 60 recover

So if all you want from Santa this year is a new booty, change up your training regime adding in lots of intense leg sessions and HIIT sprints and most of all be consistent; changes won’t happen overnight but give it a few weeks and you will be amazed at the results.

Kim x

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