9 Quick and Easy Meals to Fuel your Body (recipes included!)

snack collage 2Choosing to think about food in terms of fueling your body rather than just eating what’s around is the single most important step in transforming your body. 80% of the results you achieve will come down to what you put in your mouth every day, rather than how many hours you spend at the gym.

Eating well and fueling your body does not mean eating carrots and lettuce 24/7, it’s about eating 5-6 portion sized balanced meals every day. Balanced in terms of ensuring that each meal includes a key protein and either a good clean source of carbohydrate or a source of good fats. Fibre is also important to be included in your meals as it helps keep you full for longer and is great for digestion.

I understand that all this can be confusing, especially if you are new to thinking about food this way, which is why the number one question I am asked by my clients is ‘OK, so what do I eat then?’.

Here are 9 tasty balanced meals that are regularly part of my menu at home. The majority of these I can throw together in less than 5 minutes and I do almost all of my cooking on my trusty sandwich press – it’s one of my best kept secrets, so easy to cook everything fast and wipes clean – you will never look at your sandwich press the same way again!

1) Asparagus egg white wrap w mixed berries – 2 egg whites, 2 asparagus spears, a few strawberries and blueberries. Cook the egg whites on sandwich press and pop the asparagus on to so they warm through. Cut berries and put in a bow – too easy!!

2) Salmon and hummus open corn thin sandwich – 2 x corn thins spread with some hummus, topped with lettuce, smoked salmon and mixed seeds

3) Smoked salmon wrap – 1/5th avocado, asparagus warmed through on sandwich press all wrapped in smoked salmon.

4) Chicken nori wraps – 2 nori sheets filled with spiced chicken (tossed in paprika and curry powder), cooked lid down on sandwich press, zucchini and sweet potato warmed through and some capsicum all wrapped in nori sheets

5) John Dory Salad -Dory kebab (or white fish pieces), spiced and cooked on SP along with broccoli. Add lettuce, capsicum to bowl then the fish and broccoli drizzled with olive oil

6) Spiced egg whites and zucchini – 2 egg whites dusted with spices topping with zucchini strips

7) Chicken and brown rice salad – Brown rice pre-cooked in fridge, run under hot water drain. Add to bowl spinach leaves capsicum. Cooked spiced chicken and zucchini on SP, then add to bowl top it ?¢ cup brown rice and enjoy

8) Sweet potato devilled eggs – Boil up 6 eggs, cut in half and remove the yolk. Steam sweet potato and flavouring it with garlic and herbs then spoon into egg whites. Put in fridge for meals for the next few days

9) Tuna and asparagus salad – 2 egg whites and 2 asparagus cooked on SP, add lettuce and tuna (flavoured with lemon and pepper) to bowl add chopped egg white and

Hopefully this helps gives you some ideas on how to think about food differently and put this into practice in your everyday life.

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Stay Fabulous x

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