Step out and look amazing this New Years Eve!!

DSC07075 If your house is anything like mine you are probably starting to think about plans for Christmas with the family, presents, food and what entertaining and parties you will be attending over the holiday break.

How would you like to feel amazing and step out and unleash a brand new you this New Years Eve?

I know it seems very close but if you start #NOEXCUSES or #NOLIMITS this week, you will be finished by New Years Eve and ready to start 2015 feeling amazing and showing off your brand new body!

My programs are 8 weeks long but they are designed to help you create new habits around exercise and nutrition that will last you a lifetime. There should be no on or off switch when it comes to embracing a healthy lifestyle – its not about being perfect but it is about making good decisions most of the time, respecting your body and most of all committing to the realization that it isn’t a diet or something you do for a period of time – its a new way of living your life that will create positive and ongoing change for you in many ways.

I know that there are lots of challenges this time of year when it comes to eating well and exercising but I will be here every step of the way of you decide to commit and make this New Years Eve the day you unleash the ‘new you’ on the world!

To join my #NOEXCUSES Program – if Weight Loss is you primary goal – Click here

To join my #NOLIMITS Program – if you want to get lean and build muscle – Click here

I truly hope you decide to make time for yourself in the craziness that is the lead up to the holiday season, please email me on info@kimbeach.com if you have any questions at all….

Kim x

PS: Yes I am factoring Christmas Day into the daily food plan!!