Ashton – my brand new #NOLIMITS Superstar #7

Ashton Smith PicsMy #NOLIMITS program is for people who don’t necessarily want to lose a lot of weight, but rather want to create real tone and definition in their bodies. The changes with #NOLIMITS are therefore more subtle, usually creating real shape particularly in the stomach area and making the abs more visible. This is achieved through 8 weeks of tough training and my strict #NOLIMITS eating plan.

Ash joined #NOLIMITS to push herself and create real shape in her body and I was thrilled to see her final photos. You can see in these pics how her tummy area has really toned up, her arms are amazing and her body looks stronger overall. In Ashton’s own words:

“I loved the workouts and am now eating foods I never thought I would!! Thanks for an awesome program Kim can’t wait to do it again in the new year”

If you train hard but aren’t seeing the results you want, or you just want to take things to the next level, click here to watch my #NOLIMITS introduction video and see how you can start your 8 week journey.

Kim x

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