Go black … you won’t go back! (My personal journey from a white chocolate mocha to a long black and everything in-between)

CoffeeI have a confession to make, up until I had my first child, I never actually drank coffee. Sure I would meet friends for ‘coffee’ but my drink of choice was normally a green tea or a hot chocolate.

A new baby and no sleep for two years soon changed my ways and in no time I was having up to two white chocolate mochas a day. Aside from the caffeine boost I actually began to enjoy the taste and started to understand how we have developed such a love affair with coffee.

Fast forward a couple of years (when I was actually getting sleep for more than 3 hours at a time) and I reached a point in my life when I mentally decided to get my body fit and healthy again. It was only then did I stop and think about what I was drinking in terms of the sugar and fat content every single day. After that I started my journey from my white chocolate mocha to my drink of choice today… a long black!

I do really enjoy one or two coffees a day, usually one first thing in the morning and then another after lunch. The issue that I was having during my white chocolate mocha phase (which over about 6 months evolved to the latte stage before I finally bit the bullet and learned to enjoy a long black) was that I realised that having a couple each day was not helping me at all when it came to my goal of fat loss at the time.

Fast forward another couple of years and I now spend my days talking to people about what is best for them to achieve fat loss. One of the first things I ask my clients is what type of coffee they drink and how many a day. The main reason for this that most people do not realise the amount of fat and sugar they are consuming in this way. A key factor in this is also the amount of milk being consumed if your drink of choice is a flat white or a latte. Milk contains lactose which in simple terms is a natural form of sugar, sure its natural, it isn’t processed and it won’t spike your insulin levels like processed sugar, but if fat loss is your goal then the milk content in your coffee should be something you should definitely be thinking about. (In addition to the milk content, depending on your order, other consideration are the syrup content and any other added sugars).

To try and explain this simply and easily, this morning I logged onto the website of one of Australia’s most popular coffee chains and was able to find out exactly what is in the different choices we make each day where we buy our coffee.

Here’s what I found out about a few of the drinks I have enjoyed during my coffee journey.

Coffee Type







White Choc Mocha







Caramel Latte







Flat White







Long Black







NB: Macronutrients based on a regular serve/cup

Some of these numbers might not mean much to you but as a reference point 4.6 grams of sugar is equal to one teaspoon. You can also clearly see how much fat and sugar is in each of the flavoured options.

I am not suggesting that everyone should convert to a long black overnight (it took me a good 6 months!) I am simply saying that if you are trying to drop a few kilos then your coffee intake is something you should look at closely, as you could be consuming a lot of extra fat and sugar without thinking about it.

It was quite a journey for me from a white chocolate mocha to a long black, but I am happy I finally got there and I know that it helps me maintain my shape while still providing me with my daily fix!

Kim x